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Our Puppy “Buddy” Has Gone. May He Rest In Peace.

When we came back home yesterday, we saw our “Buddy” lying in the driveway. His eyes were closed. 

Buddy has been with our family for the last fifteen years. Tonight, may he rest in peace. I just could not sleep as so many memories came back into my mind.

About one year ago, we visited the veterinarian. He found out that buddy had a lot of bad gum infection. Since then, we have prepared softer food and put him in an air conditioned room and changed all his blankets. Every morning when he woke up, he always expected a good breakfast from me.

Buddy was part of our family. Every time our grandkids came to visit they always wanted to play with him. In the past few years, Buddy got lost two times, but my neighbor called us to bring him back home. Since then we put an iron fence around our house so he would never go out again.

Last summer we had a beautiful peacock that arrived in our backyard. The main reason was the peacock wanted to share food with Buddy. They were so friendly to each other and the best of friends.

In the past few years no matter if it was late at night or early in the morning, when Buddy heard my car come in or out, he always watched for me, leaving or arriving. Every time when I came home I could expect a warm welcome from Buddy and suddenly it changed all my feelings, even on a bad day. This uplifting of my spirit gives me more courage to fight again tomorrow.

Today we moved Buddy with his small sofa to the Southern News Group compound. Hida had prepared a permanent home for Buddy there. Today when I touched Buddy’s bowl and table, I just felt so sad.

From now on, when the beautiful peacock visits our backyard, she will not see Buddy again.

Buddy was with us in the good days and in the bad days. Now we want him to Rest In Peace.


陪伴我們十五年的小狗 -- “小伙伴今午走了 牠長眠在後院的長廊上,走完了牠的一生今晚令我彻夜難眠……

大約年前我帶牠去見獸医時發現牠的牙床已經潰爛醫生為牠開了止痛藥方, 回家後我們就改變了較軟的狗食, 我每晚都把牠的屋裡開上冷氣和電燈 並且為牠重新準備了新的背墊和地毯每天清晨當我開門時牠都會靠過來等待一頓豐盛的早餐。


去年夏天以來我們院中每天傍晚都会來一位不速之客 --- 漂亮的金孔雀她來的主要目的是要分享為小伙伴準備的狗食她毫無畏懼把剩下的狗食吃得盡光小伙伴對於妖艷的訪客不但不拒絕而且還相處和諧。

十多年來不論我們是早出或晚歸當牠聽到汽車馬達聲牠總會靠近車旁多少黑夜及清晨, 我都看見牠一雙烱烱有神的眼神近年來, 牠的體力漸衰, 有天困在前院水池中一陣尖叫, 幸而譲妻聼到把牠救起 上週颱風來時傾盆大雨, 我到處找牠未見蹤影 牠却在大雨中坐在下水道旁把牠赶快抱回來已經是全身濕透。

多少年來我們走過了多少為事業拼搏的艱辛歲月不論體驗多少人間之冷暖 總是在回到家的長廊上有小伙伴的等待牠的忠誠熱情和溫情让我們再一次回到溫暖的家, 重整信念再繼續明天的奮鬥挑戰。

今午,我把小伙伴愛坐的小沙發一起把牠移霊到美南集團總部的園區內, 為我工作已二十年的工友韓特已為牠準備了墓地我們把牠安葬在國際貿易中心大樓的後方, 讓牠常眠於此牠也是我們在這塊汗水凝集的土地上留下過的歷史痕跡。

今午再次走近小伙伴的寢室居所我以微微顫抖的手撫摸牠穿用過的名牌和器皿, 和一堆尚未食完的糧食牠已離開我們遠去了每天飛到我們家後院的金孔雀, 從此也再看不到小伙伴了。




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