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美國新冠疫情日記 10/10

美國新冠疫情日記 10/10

Yo-Yo Ma’s Remarks

Following his unbelievable performance during Joe Biden’s campaign, world famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma urged all Asian Americans and all people to support Biden in his bid to become the next president of the United States.

The great musician said, “I’ve lived my life at the borders. Between cultures. Between disciplines. Between music. Between generations. And throughout my life I’ve learned that on culture, we build bridges and not walls. We believe that we are better together than alone. I am worried that we’ve lost sight of that belief in America.”

As Joe Biden also said, “We are in the battle for the soul of the nation. It’s a battle to uphold and honor the values we hold dear. Values like empathy and dignity and respect for truth.”

We are so proud of Yo-Yo Ma who as a Chinese American, an Asian American, as well as all Americans, is a person who really loves this great nation. His words have really touched everybody’s heart.

Today our country is facing serious challenges. We need a leader who can lead us and not divide us in the future.

We urge everyone to take action and go out and vote in this critical election. This is your right as well as your duty as a citizen.


著名音樂表演家馬友友正在為拜登做一場視訊助選表演大會,數以萬計之觀眾為之動容, 他說:“ 在我的生命中充滿著文化、自律及音樂,我們希望籍文化音樂之力量來建立橋樑而不是圍牆, 我們希望大家團結而不是孤立,我擔心我們正在失落和喪失美國之精神價值,拜登總統候選人也同時響應,我們面臨對美國價值之桃戰,那就是同情心、 尊嚴及諴實品格。”

各位弟兄姐妹們,我們大家來自五湖四海, 以美利堅共和國為安身立命的國家, 馬友友是我們華人的代表和驕傲, 他內心深處和我們有同樣之感受,让我們大家在他的感召下行動起來, 一定要投下神聖的一票。

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