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美國新冠疫情日記 10/15

美國新冠疫情日記 10/15

Trump Begged For Women’s Votes

In the final stage of the election, the candidates of both parties are putting on their best shows for the voters.

President Trump has revealed just how desperate his political future looks at this moment. 

In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, he begged women voters and said, ”Suburban women, will you please like me? I saved your damned neighborhoods!”

The President knows he has a major problem with suburban voters, especially with women. In the 2016 election, he won 2% over Hillary Clinton in women voters living in the suburbs. 

Two years later, in the 2018 midterm election, Republicans lost to Democrats capturing 45% of women voters in the suburbs. 

Trump has made it clear that if Biden wins, he claimed, with little subtlety, that roving gangs of Antifa supporters will invade the U.S. suburban paradises. But most women don’t buy that and say their neighborhoods aren’t under any particular threat. 

In the White House, First Lady Melania Trump detailed her experience battling COVID-19 which she tested positive for two weeks ago. She has now tested negative for the virus. She said she had body aches, cough, headaches and was extremely tired. She chose a more natural health route relying more on vitamins and health food and did not take a cocktail of medicines.

We are also very glad that both the President and First Lady have already tested negative. The election is only less than three weeks away. 

We still urge the Congress and the White House to reach agreement and approve the Stimulus Package which millions of people are waiting on for survival.


離開大選不到三個星期,民主共和兩黨正在施展渾身解數, 為大選做最後之衝刺。

在賓州約翰城的群眾大會上,川普總統公開向婦女們喊話乞求她們的選票, 因為救了这些社區整治治安環境總統說如果拜登獲勝, 郊區之住宅將面臨幫派份子之擾亂,而使治安敗壞。

共和黨深知他們正在失去婦女之選票 ,就在2016 年時之期中選舉 民主黨因而奪取眾議院多數席次。

在白宮 笫一夫人梅蘭妮發出文章表示,她已痊癒走出病痛她選擇的是食物及維他命。

我們祝福第一家庭之康复,眼見總統大選在即, 期待國會及白宮早日批准紓困案, 來拯救待援的國民。