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美國新冠疫情日記 11/20

美國新冠疫情日記  11/20

Taiwan Shuts Down TV News Station

The Taiwan government’s National Communication Commission rejected the application of a local CTiTV station’s license. The station will be forced to shut down next month.

The Chairman of NCC Chen Yaw-Shay Group said, “The CTi news was found to have repeatedly violated regulations, leading all seven members to decide not to renew the license.”

Chen also said that the station failed to control the outside interference during the operation of the news department.

In response, the station called this, “The darkest day for the freedom of press and speech since martial law was lifted over 30 years ago.”

In the last five years, the Taiwan government has been controlled by the pro-independent party. The Democratic progress party president Tsai Ing-Wen wanted to build a free and democratic nation. When Taiwan was under military control in the martial law period, the government was controlled the press. Today Taiwan became a democratic country, the government wanted to ban freedom of speech.

In America today, President Trump had so many complaints and disagreement that I don’t think he has been too close to a TV news station.

We want to urge the Taiwan government to reconsider their wrong decision. Even though you don’t like the station, doesn’t mean you have the right to close them down.

    這不是打壓新聞自由 是什麽



我們身處海外對此消息同感憤慨 這不是打壓新聞自由又是什麼呢?! 今天台灣以民主自由之價值為傲, 當年在野民進黨還以焚身來爭取新聞自由及台灣獨立如今當權後可以不顧人民的聲音。

正在上演政爭的美國, 川普總統對許多電視台恨之入骨, 美國政府可以關閉外國新聞機構但對本國的電視台,他能籍美國傳訊委員會把它除之而快嗎?

民主的真諦就是能容忍不同的聲音我們非常遺憾, 中天新聞台無法有容於執政當局 遭到扼殺之命運, 也希望全世界的民主國家來评评理。