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我見 我聞 我思 大俠天下行日記 11/24

我見 我聞 我思  大俠天下行日記  11/24

我見 我聞 我思


醫生精神 犧牲奉獻

美國三大製藥公司輝瑞 莫德納及阿斯特捷利康先後成功地製成了對抗禦新冠病毒的疫苗,這項天大的喜訊再次証明科技界人定勝天的偉大勝利。

根據衛生官員的陳述 十二月十日開始,全國各地會開始對第一缐的醫療人員及在前缐奮戰的警消人員首先注射第二批將繼續對年長及弱勢族群,一直到明年三四月將會對全國三億國民實施免費注射。

已經九個月了我們都在疫情肆虐之煎熬中度過, 全球確診者高達四千五百萬人超過一百萬人喪生單在美國就佔了百分之二十五這次之傳染病毒打破了我們是全球醫療最好國家的神話。

我們欣見川普總統已經正式知難而退, 總統當選人今天任命了新的國務卿安東尼布林肯, 準備來重整美國在全球的外交事務 我們也期待在國際架構之下, 繼續尋求共同之繁榮及和平。

從疫苗之發現 再度證實美國在科技醫療上之領導地位, 我們的女兒元瑜自從哥倫比亞大學及德州醫學院畢業之後 一直在世界知名的聖路加醫療中心行醫, 我們對她在疫情時期之安危十分擔憂 她常說:醫生的責任就是在最危急的時候我們更要上前缐救助病患。


美南报业电视集团发行人 李蔚华


Doctor’s Spirit, A Contribution To Society

Three pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have produced COVID-19 drugs to rescue the world from the coronavirus pandemic

 These inventions are a victory of mankind and will bring much joy to our society.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar issued a statement today, saying, “The Moderna vaccine candidate is now the second vaccine to show the potential for very high efficacy in the Phase 3 trial.”

By following the regulatory timeline, December 13th is the earliest the first round of approved vaccine against the coronavirus could start to be given to select Americans that includes medical and front line workers. Later, in March or April of 2021, all citizens will be able to get the shot free of charge nationwide.

After nine months of suffering, the whole world has forty-five million confirmed cases with over one million deaths. In America, we share more than twenty-five percent of the world’s total. This is really sad and a big joke for the richest country in the world.

We are so glad President-elect Joe Biden has appointed Antony Blinken as Secretary of State to start repairing the country’s international relations with the world.

Our daughter Margaret is a medical doctor who has been working at St. Luke’s Hospital for many years. The new vaccine will give her and her colleagues much deserved peace of mind. We are very proud of her contribution to the medical community and her continued service to her clients.