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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 11/26

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 11/26

我見 我聞 我思


成千上萬的旅客正在返鄉的路上感恩節是西方世界最重要的日子, 它代表每個家庭的團聚時刻也更是我們要感恩的日子。

今天在電視上看到了丰建偉醫生的訪問他奉勸華人朋友再忍耐三到四個月, 一定隔離好戴口罩保護好自己, 運動好, 休息好美好的日子就會到來了。

感恩節的今天我們有太多的人需要感恩, 首先是養我育我的父母親, 不論你的出身如何, 每個人在其生命中必然有自己的生父生母, 有人出生在幸福美滿的家庭, 有人可能是遭遇過許多坎坷的人生歷程但是對於父母我們一定要懷着孝顺之心願和行動, 因為家庭和諧是整個社會之重要基石。


在每一個人的生命中我們會遇到許多贵人, 曾經在我們困难或憂傷時伸出援手我相信每一個人都有他一生中許多要感恩的人。


Thanksgiving Eve

Many people are still traveling in the air or on the road to get back home for Thanksgiving dinner. This is the most important time for many family reunions.

Today I watched Dr. Feng’s interview on our STV program. He advised our community to be patient and to wait three to four months until everybody gets the coronavirus vaccine shot. By that time, everything should get back to normal, he said.

When we get together with the family and friends tonight, we really need to “appreciate” our parents who brought us into this world. So many people have helped us in our early age. School teachers are the ones who really have led us to success.

We are so happy that the Biden-Harris team is working on taking over the presidency on January 20th of next year. In the meantime, we also want give thanks to this great country America that has given us liberty and the opportunity to become citizens of the United States.

As President-elect Biden said, “America is back.” We sincerely hope our nation will lead the world again.