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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/03

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 12/03

我思 我見 我聞

我們最難挨的寒冬  口罩和疫苗同等重要

雖然疫苗已經問世 但是面對聖誕假期及即將到來的寒冬,將對我們有一場非常嚴峻的考驗。

美國疾管中心主任萊菲爾醫生警告,新冠疫情之死亡人數到二月底可能會接近四十五萬人次,這個令人驚悚的數據,似乎在華府執政者沒有感覺,萊菲爾主任同時勸告國人要戴口罩、保持距離及勤洗手也許會減少傷亡人數, 他對於那些主張不要戴口罩的人表示十分不滿, 他說我們的問題在於還在辯論是否要戴口罩, 他在國會做証時曾經表示, 口罩和疫苗一樣重要。

正當死亡人數激增的時刻, 川普總統也明白他在位日子已經不多, 他正在考慮對他的子女女婿及本人之特赦, 包括前紐約市長朱里阿力在內的政治伙伴, 但是這項特赦令不包括民事官司在內。 据稱, 紐約地方法院已經著手在川普下任之後對他提起税務和財務之民事訴訟案件。

美各地的前線醫護人員即將從本月上旬開始接受新冠疫苗種植,但還是趕不上病毒之猖狂, 因此我們還是要度過一個黑暗的寒冬。

The dark winter is coming

Dr Redfield Director of The Center of Disease Control warned that this winter may be the most difficult time in U.S. public health history. He said the nation is facing a devastating winter by the end of February total death could reach 450,000 unless a large percentage of Americans take more precaution. Dr Redfield said the death toll could be held down if the public embraced practices like mask wearing. Masks might be as protective as a vaccine

C.D.C. Officials also warned strongly against travel over the holidays. Travel is a door to door experience that can spread the virus during the journey and into communities where travelers visit or live.

When the pandemic enter its serious time in Washington we don’t see Government taking any measure come to rescue. President Trump is said to have consulted his advisors about possibility of granting pre-emotive pardon to his relatives and to his allies. It is an executive power that acts as a check and balance on the federal criminal justice system, enabling a president to bestow mercy upon offenders.

Coronavirus vaccine will be here to give shot to those medics. Personnel on the front line,we hope this will be giving more people as soon as possible. National darkest days soon be over