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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/10

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 12/10

我見我思 我聞


不顧許多人的反對總統當選人拜登今天任命了退休的黑人將軍羅爾奧斯丁出任國防部長, 將來撑握五角大廈的軍事大權我們對於奧斯丁將軍之出缐表示無限的興奮和支持這更是新政府重視種族平衡及用人唯才的表現。他的任命也顯示在國防領域中绝大多數是白人將領的天下得到改善,十年前奧斯丁將軍首次被拔擢提升為陸軍參謀部之処長是撐控陸軍部隊的主要人物。

00年九月时任美國和聯軍駐伊拉克指揮官的他在巴格達認識了在當地視察的拜登副總統, 在奧巴馬政府中他被認命為美軍中部戰區司令主要駐守在中東地區他也是官階僅次於鮑爾將軍的黑人軍事將領。


國事如麻, 百廢待舉俗語說, 家和萬事興 在我們這個國家的大家庭中正逐漸表現出領導者之氣度和決心。

First African-American Secretary of Defense

President-elect Biden appointed the first black man, retired General Lloyd J. Austin III, as the Secretary of Defense. Austin rose to the highest military role in spite of the largely white leadership in the ranks.

General Austin was the director of the Joint Staff, one of the most powerful behind the

scenes positions in the military.

In September 2010 at a ceremony at the Al-Faw palace in Baghdad attended by then Vice President Biden, General Austin was commanding general in Iraq. It was at this time they started a relationship.

In the Obama administration, General Austin was appointed head of the United States Central Command--the country’s premier military command and the one that fights the war in the Middle East.

We are so glad that President-elect Biden is keeping his promise to name all color and ethnic groups to the top positions.

Today President Trump still doesn’t want to admit that he has lost the election. The legal fight for the election still continues to the U.S. Supreme Court while people around the world still can’t understand why the democratic system didn’t function very well this time.

As an old saying goes, “If a family is in harmony, everything will be successful.”

For America today, we really don’t see that happening.