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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/15

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/15

我見 我聞 我思

  大勢底定 全民沸騰

全國各地的州議會今天投下選舉人票 拜登以三百零六票對二百三十二票確定他為下届總統 依照憲法,將在六個星期後在參眾兩院大會中正式宣佈總統當選名單。

拜登總統當選人在事後發表談話称,是我們展現新頁的時候了, 他再度重申美國民主仍然長存, 不管川普如何利用其權勢來翻轉大選結果, 川普總統仍然不承認败選,並在推特上再度宣稱這是選舉無效, 就連他忠誠的政治伙伴司法部長巴爾已經提出辞呈,準備十二月二十三日走人, 在此眾叛親離的局面下,川普之表現實在令人失望 而影響了美國在世界上所享有之自由民主聲望

今天,美國全國正在和新冠病毒赛跑啟動首批疫苗接種 拉开了自一九五〇年代小兒麻痹症疫苗以來最緊急的大規模免疫接種行動。


今天的情勢十萬火急, 全國正在全力動員如何早日接種疫苗 已經有三十萬人喪生 大於整個二次大戰傷亡的總合 這是我們最悲慘的歲月 大家需要攜手共進來戰勝病毒。

華府白宮的政治紛爭 今天也應該落幕了 我們大家應該共同來珍惜這個國家和土地。

It Is Time To Turn The Page

President-elect Joe Biden spoke to the nation and declared that, “It is time to turn the page” on the 2020 election after the Electoral College formally cast its votes for him to replace President Donald Trump on January 20, 2021. Biden said, “Wethepeople votedFaith in ourinstitutionsheldThe integrity of ourelections remainsintactAnd sonow it is time to turn the pageTo uniteTo heal.”

The president has refused to concede while he and his allies have undermined faith in the country’s democratic system of governance. He tweeted about a “Rigged Election” and massive fraud.

Today in Washington, D.C., Attorney General William Barr resigned and will depart next week. Mr. Barr recently acknowledged that the department had found no widespread voter fraud.

The U.S. has started giving the first doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine as the nation surpassed 300,000 virus-related deaths. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams called the roll out, “Just tremendous and I am smiling bigger than I’ve smiled in a long time because it has been a hard year for so many people out there.”

The first doses of the vaccine were injected Monday to most of the city’s healthcare workers.

We are so glad that help is really on the way. All of the people are looking for a better tomorrow.