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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/18

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 12/18

我見 我思 


正當世紀大風雪横掃美國東北部時, 聯邦藥物管理局顧問委員會推荐對另一新冠疫苗莫德納之特別上市以快速拯救苦難中之病患 預計下星期一開始, 這劑新疫苗將可快速送到全國各地。

美國目前之經濟下滑狀態每六個人中就有一人遭遇飢餓之困境, 根據英媒體報導 包括英國在內, 目前有百分之二十五的人口正處贫窮缐上, 要求聯合国伸出援手, 使這個昔日的大英帝國臉上無光為什麼英美兩國處境竟然如此悽涼

本週六上午八時至下午四時美南國际貿易中心和國會議員格林辦公室聯合食品銀行舉辦食物發放會, 並從上午八點到下午四點免費作新冠病毒检測, 為大休士頓及國際區居民服務。


今年正遭受新冠病毒之重大災難, 多少人失去了自己的工作, 造成嚴重的社會問題, 我們也盡量伸出援手, 為社會送上點溫暖。

總統當選人拜登正在面對前所未有之挑戰 現任總統仍然沒有承認败選, 经濟纾困案也未通過。

我們期盼疫苗能早日遍及, 為一蹶不振的經濟打強心針。


Give A Helping Hand

Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended to approve the second coronavirus vaccine from Moderna.

This new vaccine comes as the first vaccine from Pfizer has started its distribution process.

But as the vaccinations begin, recorded cases of new hospitalizations and deaths are rising to new levels as hospitals are running out of space and energy to provide sufficient care.

Health experts say Americans have an important choice to make. The upcoming holidays and festive gatherings could help drive another surge of cases and hospitalizations and inevitable deaths.

We are so happy that Congressman Al Green in conjunction with the Houston Food Bank, the Texas Division of Emergency Management and the International Trade Center will present a Free Drive-Thru COVID Testing and Food Distribution event on Saturday, December 19th  at 1111 Bellaire Blvd. in the International District.

We really appreciate Congressman Green’s caring so much care about our community. We also have many community leaders who will join us to help with the event.

This is such an important event for our community. Every year we sponsor events to celebrate the holidays, but this year is very different. So many people need to get help and we all need to give a helping hand.