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美國新冠疫情日記 12/31/2020

美國新冠疫情日記 12/31/2020

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新歲 新希望


今年元月二十六日當我們在美南新聞廣場前結束了第二十三屆農曆新年游園會之後, 這場人類歷史上近百年來的新冠病毒開始從中國大陸席捲全球,在美利堅共和國的大地上 黑人佛羅拉在白人膝下的哀嚎和我無法呼吸的求救聲震撼了全世界, 全球主要大城市以群集示威支援美國警察的暴行, 全美各地之群眾大會部分也成為歹徒們抢刧縦火的失控場面 川普總統準備用軍隊镇壓, 但遭國防部長拒絕, 川普指控這些極左派的暴徒都是民主黨縦容他們, 並有人主張大減警察局預算, 在西雅圖市中心, 更有人劃地為營 成立自治區。

在全國治安敗壞民心動盪之時刻美國總統大選正式如火如荼的推進中, 民主黨拜登和川普之政見可謂南轅北轍 民主黨高呼伸張民權 救濟平民, 共和黨要治安第一, 法律至上, 雙方在五十州開始政治廝殺。

新冠疫情之魔手伸進到社區每一角落, 情勢愈來愈險惡, 每天各大媒體及社群新聞鋪天蓋地為候選人吹捧, 強勢的川普總統不顧疫情之蔓延, 以空軍一號專機為背景在全國各地開群眾大會, 也在白宮大法官提名大會上不戴口罩 不幸的是,川普夫婦及二十位白宮高官都確診了,總統進了醫院, 戯劇性的他很快痊癒出院,還在醫院前的大路上向支持者揮手致意, 這位意志顽強的世界上最有權力的政治人物 繼續在全國各地奔波希望保住白宮寶座, 不幸的是他在十一月三日的大選中敗北了, 不過他至今還不願認輸 他始終認為民主黨在做票 這埸美國有史以來的政治大戯終會落幕。

我們送走了恐怖噁心悲傷的一年 不論疫情發展如何 和病毒之戰爭不會休止, 我們最終還是會勝利的。

New Hope For The New Year

It was the most horrible year for all of us. Finally, it will be gone. Too many sad stories were brought to our community.

Earlier this year, on January 26, we were celebrating the Lunar New Year Festival in front of our building. Suddenly the COVID-19 virus arrived in our community.

In the land of America, George Floyd, a Houston native, was arrested on May 25. Video taken by a passerby showed a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeling on his neck while he was being pinned to the ground. After the video of Floyd’s arrest was shared widely on social media, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of Minneapolis and vandalized police cars and a police station was set on fire.

                                                                                                                                              Protests then spread to other cities. President Trump blamed the violence on a lack of leadership in Minneapolis and threatened to send in the National Guard. Ten of thousands of protesters once again took to the streets. One of the largest protests was in Floyd’s hometown of Houston.

In the middle of the social unrest, another political contest was taken on the road. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Trump were fighting in every corner of the land. Then suddenly the president was confirmed with COVID-19 and was sent to the hospital. The whole world was watching, but after a few days, President Trump got well and restarted his campaign all over the nation. Finally, Election Day came and Joe Biden was declared the winner. But up until now, President Trump has refused to admit that he was the loser.

The year of 2020 has been a year of tragedy for most of us. A lot sad things have happened right in our own community. Now, finally, the rescuer vaccine is arriving. We all hope this is the light at the end of the tunnel. We all hope the year of 2021 will be a prosperous and happy one for all.