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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 01/14/2021

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 01/14/2021

我見 我聞 我思


著名教育專家李恕信教授日前在美南電視台之訪談節目中談到元月六川普教唆攻擊國會大廈時 激動和悲憤之心情讓她然涙下。

李教授早年從台灣來來美求學经過多年苦读獲得博士學位,並在休斯敦大學執教多年, 與眾不同的是 李教授有感於華人参政之急迫性, 她毅然參加了美國共和黨 從基層義工發傳單開始 創辦中文學校, 成為一位深入基層的模範義工, 在共和黨之推荐下她曾在休斯敦近郊的太空城參加國會議員之初選, 雖然未能如願 但是為我們華裔美人發聲, 更是華人參政之表率, 由于她的領導能力及學養俱豐, 曾被里根及布希政府徵召進入美國聯邦教育部主管族裔教育事務, 也為華裔參政揭開新的篇章。

早於七十年代 許多品學兼優的台灣青年遠渡他郷來到美利堅共和國, 學成之後, 多半都在此落葉生根 視此為安身立命的家園。

當我們今天目睹美國總統支持者攻擊國會大廈 暴徒公然佔領國會殿堂 李教授談到她當年在聯邦政府服務時, 每天都會途经的地方, 再次看到就如自己的家園被不齒之徒進行破壞 更為我們的民主大國蒙羞, 更可況新冠病毒之失控四十多萬國人失去寶貴生命 說到激動處 李博士真的掉涙了

今天在美國 我們有許多以李教授為榮的華裔美人, 他們在成人之後離鄉別井到新大陸成家立業 但是我們永遠不會忘記自己固有之祖宗, 加入美國大家庭, 更以華裔美人為榮。

Professor Lee’s Tears

When Professor Esther Lee watched the horrifying video from the U.S. Capitol and was interviewed by our tv host about last Wednesday, she was so sad and tears came to her eyes.

Professor Lee came to America from Taiwan when she was very young. After many years of hard studies she earned her PhD degree and became a well-known education professor at the University of Houston. Because of her enthusiastic spirit to help others, she became involved in community service and joined the Republican Party to serve the community and started a Chinese weekend school to support candidates who were running for public office.

After many years, she got involved in political activities and eventually entered the U.S. congressional race in the Houston-Clear lake area. Even though she didn’t make it, it was the first time the door had been opened to an Asian-American to run for a national post from Texas. Years later she was appointed by President Ronald Reagan and the George Bush administration and went on to serve in the U.S. Department of Education. She was one of very few Asian-Americans who had been appointed to a position to serve in the federal government. 

Professor Lee came to America for a better life. After many years of study she earned her PhD degree in education and later taught at the University of Houston and became a very famous and successful scholar. Most immigrants become citizens of this great country, but they never forget where they came from, and they will always be proud as Chinese Asian-Americans and an important part of this great nation.

Professor Lee, we admire you and your contribution to America.