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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 01/19/2021

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 01/19/2021

我見 我思 我聞

白宮易主 川普走人

在層層重兵之守護下, 美國新任總統副總統之就職典禮將在非正常之情形下進行。

川普總統之最後歲月, 仍然让國人及全球感到恐慌 不知他還要有何驚人之舉, 不過有一項可以確定的是他不會參加拜登的就職大典 也不打算依慣例在白宮迎接新主人。

今天加州成為全美最大的確診人數高達三百萬人,此數字是過去兩個月來的兩倍, 共有三萬三千六百二十三人死亡, 其中大洛彬磯地區之災情最為嚴重, 全國各地之疫苗也嚴重不足, 這些令人髪指的災情 即將卸任的川普也就一走了之。

據白宮人士表示, 川普也不打算留下任命信函給接任的拜登, 第一夫人也從未和拜登夫人聯繫 只是在忙於搬離白宮之工作。

最令人不解的是, 川普已經安排他在離開白宮時, 將有紅地毯及二十一禮炮及儀隊歡迎他的離去。

副總統彭斯今天在加州巡視軍事基地時, 再次重申現任總統對保衛國家之決心 彭斯決定參加明天的總統就职大典 也算是他對尊重國家體制。

當前國家多難, 政爭仍然不斷 拜登將面對前所未有之挑戰 遇到川普之行指, 但原天佑美國。

Trump’s Final Days In The White House

As President Trump prepares to leave the White House in a couple of days, he is preparing to pardon hundreds of friends and donors He also has discussed issuing pre-emotive pardons to his children, his son-in-law and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani and another hundred people.

First Lady Melania Trump has largely stayed away from the West Wing. She has been busying herself with finding a new school for her son. She is fully aware of the criticism of the deadly January 6th Capitol riot. In her farewell message, she said she was humbled to serve as First Lady and called it the greatest honor of her life.

The President is set to depart Washington, D.C. early Wednesday morning making him the first president in over 150 years to skip the inauguration of his successor in the transfer of power. He wants to have a military band and a red carpet walk flanked by troops as he boards Air Force One.

Vice President Pence addressed troops at a California military base. He also spoke with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris for the first time. This was the highest level of contact between the outgoing and incoming administration.

We are very glad Vice President Pence agreed to attend the inauguration ceremony. No matter what bonding will happen, Biden and Harris will become our new President and Vice President. May God bless America.