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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 01/21/2021

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 01/21/2021

普天同慶 再創輝煌

賀拜登 賀錦麗當選正副總統

在全球矚目及重兵駐守的華盛頓國會大廈新任總統及副總統正式宣誓就職來領導這個支零破碎的國家 他們在中午十一時分別手扶百年聖經宣誓,將忠於美國憲法為民服務。

拜登在就職演說中重申,我們的民主再度得到伸張, 他期盼大家團結起來,結束國家面臨的困境, 他誓言打敗那些白人至上境內暴徒及政治極端份子。

總統就職大典, 除了川普及年邁無法出席的卡持總統外,其他前任總統都全部到齊他們和共和黨前總統共同慶賀美國新總統的誕生。

拜登在就職之後, 立即前往白宮辦公室發佈多項行政命令, 其中包括美國立即重返國際衛生組織及氣候變遷組織, 新冠疫情及移民條例。

今天我們做為華裔美人, 也是這個偉大國家的一份子, 多少年來, 我們遠離故鄉來追尋美國夢, 我們對美國有多一份不可逃避的責任, 我們已經把這塊土地做為我們安身立命的家 這個國家的前途和我們息息相關。

在拜登總統施政願景中, 他對於那些包括亞華裔在內的弱勢群體將會大力拉拔和幫助也會將滯留在美國九年以上的非法居民給予居留權, 這是何等之大事。

我們大家應該共同來支持新政府之施政也殷盼美國再度對國外包括中國大陸在內的留學生及各項交流, 請美國再度打開大門為全世界人民共謀福利和發展, 也是我們共同來書寫美國歷史的新頁。

The Inauguration Of Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

                                   We Should Write An American Story

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in at the U.S. Capitol. Harris has made history as the first Black Asian and female Vice President.

In his inauguration speech, the new president pledged to unite a fractured nation. He said, "Today on this January day, my whole soul is in this: bringing the American people together and uniting our nation, and I ask every American to join me in this cause."

Hours after he was inaugurated as the 46th president, Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders to begin overhauling the nation's approach to the pandemic and to undo some of the controversial policies of former President Trump. Biden also reversed many of Trump's attempts to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization where Dr. Anthony Fauci will lead a U.S. delegation to return to the world’s leading health organization and join in their meetings.

Today we as the Asian American community will give full support to the new Biden administration including new immigration initiatives that will allow many people to legalize their status and help those people who need it the most. 

On the coronavirus pandemic, Biden wants one million people to get the vaccine shot each day for 100 days so that 100 million people will eventually be vaccinated.  

We also hope that President Biden will change our foreign policy and repair the soured U.S. relationships around the world.

When all of us came to this land, our goal was to find a better life. We love this country. This is our home. We settled down. Our families are here and we need to contribute our best efforts and do our part to unite together for our future.

Today we have a new leader in our country. We are teaming up to write a new chapter of American history.