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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 01/25/2021

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 01/25/2021


上週四我正式參加休斯敦美國联合國協會分會,担任理事會常任理事一職, 深切感到責任重大。

這個民間組織係由艾森豪總統夫人所創辦, 其主旨在於譲美國人民瞭解聯合國在國際關係中之重要性, 加強美國民間團體對联合國之支持, 並弘揚聯合國支持之社會正義及世界和平。

正當拜登總統上任之後,正在加速美國重返國際組織, 尤其是聯合國主導下的國際衛生組織 事關全球是否可能戰勝新冠疫情之關鍵時刻。

本年第一理事會視訊會議由會長司徒克主持, 他首先歡迎新舊任理事對联合國協會之熱心付出, 他強調當全世界都在面臨新冠病毒之嚴峻挑戰 我們也是責無旁貸,要盡力帮助在苦痛中掙扎的人群。

理事會上大家踴躍發言,並就有關今年之計劃事項進行分工, 其中包括每年慶祝的聯合國纪念日、婦女節、 人權紀念日、 青少年國際營和外交官對話、 世界難民日等不同之活動項目。

近年來 因為川普政府高唱美國笫一,在世界各地制造分歧, 也紛紛退出各種組織 尤其对聯合國影響非常嚴重。

我非常欣幸今天能参加這個美國民間組織 大家共同為聯合國世界大同之理想盡一份簿力。

聯合國協會休城分會已经有五十年以上之歷史, 多年來不斷致力於推廣聯合國對全世界之重要性 每年都透過會議講座音樂会餐會, 邀請中外政界人士共同交流。

我們正處於世紀危機時刻 世界需要和平, 更需要我們大家貢獻自己的力量, 因為世界是屬於我們的。

The Foundation Of World Peace - UNA-USA Houston

It was my great honor to join the United Nations Association Houston Chapter as a new board member. Our President Daniel Stoecker hosted the first board meeting last week to set the projects for this year.

The mission of UNA-Houston is to educate people about the United Nations’ role in international affairs, how it impacts individuals and communities and to strengthen those whose purpose it is to promote social justice, the foundation for universal peace.

On the agenda we discussed the different committees’ functions and assignments including membership, dialog with the Diplomat/Cultural Dinner virtual event, the International Women’s Day Celebration, Human Rights Day, UN Day, global education classes and young adult engagement. All of these programs really have received positive attention from the local community.

Today our nation is facing serious challenges like never before. President Biden’s new administration is trying to get back into the international community including the United Nations to regain the leadership role on the world stage. We as citizens all need to be a part of this important mission.

In this internet age the world has come closer, but this pandemic has really damaged our world economy and many lives have been lost. We need to rebuild the new world structure, including the United Nations. We feel that this local civic organization will really get in touch with the grass roots. We really need to work together to save our world.