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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 02/04/2021

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 02/04/2021

2/4/2021星期四 日記

我見 我思 我聞



疾病專家福其博士表示我們要等到百分之七十到八十五的國民種上疫苗才能让整個社會回歸正常 根據霍布金斯大學統計, 截至目前為止,美國已經有四十五零八十八人死亡, 巴西也有二十萬人, 墨西哥及英國也有十萬人因新冠病毒而去世。

加州政府今天開始大量注射疫苗, 尤其在一些貧窮地區 這項行動顯然骤效新做數字顯示, 確診人數下降了一半, 駐院病患也減少了百分之三十, 在聯邦政府之安排下, 將在全国各大城市設立一百個大型種植疫苗中心 以便大量快捷的為民服務 目前已經有三千四百萬人接種之疫苗。

我們非常欣慰看到,拜登新政府上任兩星期以來已經非常積極面對新冠疫情造成之危機 首先邀請全國公衛專家加入搶救行列, 決不把政治因素帶進專業領域。

今天我們面臨諸多挑戰 可說是內擾外患, 所幸拜登總統為全國帯來了祥和氛圍, 我們的社會比過去四年來得安靜多了, 只要大家攜手合作, 互敬互愛 家國必然能幸福和繁榮。

We Are Fighting A Vaccine War

President Biden announced that vaccine manufacturers can now ship vaccine orders directly to local pharmacies starting Feb.11th, including CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. The White House said that 1 million doses will be distributed to 6,500 stores.

California opened up two massive Covid-19 vaccination sites as part of a federal pilot program to quickly boost the number of available doses as the state continues to see improving numbers in cases of deaths and hospitalizations. The new number of daily cases in the state dropped by one-half in just the past two weeks. California now administers about one million doses of vaccine every week.

More than 34 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in the United States now and about 61% of 56 million doses have been distributed. That’s about 1.1 million more administered doses reported on Wednesday. The number jumped from 359,000 on Jan. 6 to 1.32 million now on Feb 3.

We are just so happy and admire the Biden administration for doing a very great job for our people when this pandemic is still destroying our community. What else is more important than to fight against this virus?

In our community we are feeling much more peaceful than before. Even though we are still facing difficulty, we just need to be united and help each other. We will overcome and be a great nation again.