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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 02/16

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 02/16

我見 我思 我聞



清晨一陣白雪灑遍了整個德州大地,休城也是近幾十年來难得的皑皑白雪,市長特纳不斷呼籲大家不要外出, 部分地區已經断電 ,市內交通及超速公路上幾乎無人行駛, 整個德州天候惡劣,大家如臨大敵。


我們以前唸書之大學,設有座石油油博物館,記録五十年代德州發現黑黃金石油的故事,包括布什家族也因角逐石油梦到了德州,在常年攝式一百度高溫之下, 那時候德州除了石油就是穿山甲及毒蛇世界,可謂不毛之地。

近百年來,來自北方的楊基客開拓了這片富裕之大地, 前後還造就了三位美國總統。


Winter Storm Slams The U.S.

Below freezing temperatures are affecting more than 200 million people from Texas to the east coast.

The heaviest snow in Texas and Houston fell early Monday. It set a record that had stood for 150 years.  

The whole city of Houston and surrounding Harris County was almost totally abandoned. Roads are still very dangerous to drive and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has urged all people to stay at home.

In Port Arthur, Texas, the U.S. and world’s largest oil refinery was shut down as freezing weather gripped the entire state of Texas. At least five major airports were shut down because of the frigid weather.

In Houston, more than 1.5 million residents were without power. In the city of Galveston, 90% of the residents were without power and the city is currently under a state of disaster.

The City of Houston is rushing to open more warming facilities for the homeless people amid frigid winter temperatures.

This is the first time ever in Texas that we have faced a winter storm with so much snow and low temperatures.

Almost one hundred years ago when Texas discovered the black gold of oil, a lot of people from the eastern U.S. came to Texas looking for their fortune. There is an Oil Museum on the Lamar University campus where I attended in the early 1970’s. The museum recorded how the pioneers came to Texas to build this great state and eventually we had three native sons who became U.S. presidents and served our nation.

We are suffering so much in this coronavirus pandemic already. We all hope this untimely winter storm will be gone soon. May God bless our nation