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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 02/24

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 02/24

我見 我思 我聞

溫暖人間 人溺己溺

今天上午我們在美南新聞廣場上展開了一場救災活動感謝國會議員格林好弟兄之協助,來自休斯敦食物銀行之大卡車加入了救人行列,多年來,當大家遭遇災難時, 我們都願意伸出援手 略盡薄力,這也是我此生中最感到溫馨的時刻,看到無數災民经過了美南新聞廣場,心中也是五味雜陳,有多少生活在社會底層不幸的兄弟姐妹們。






Sending Warmth To The Community

Our dear brother Congressman Al Green’s Winter Storm Recovery Drive came to the International Trade Center today. With the help of the Houston Food Bank’s sponsorship, we will be able to help many families in this area to get some much needed food and water. Over the last several years our community has suffered so much in many natural disasters. We are doing our best to help each other.

Last week’s power outages and loss of running water have left Texas and other parts of the south still feeling the affects of the deep freeze up until this week. The storms have also delayed the federal government’s delivery of vaccines to several states and has caused a serious shortage of food and water.

President Biden has now signed a major disaster declaration for Texas and he will pay a visit to Houston on Friday.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has convened a meeting of state legislators to discuss how the weather crisis happened last week. The state’s power plants were not ready for the freezing conditions and natural gas was hit the hardest. Production froze as did the pipelines that transport the gas.

We are so worried that if the government does not take care of this problem now, we might be facing the same problem in the future.