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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 02/25/2021

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 02/25/2021


今天一大早天還未亮,美南傳媒的員工已經到崗,等待美國休斯敦食物銀行的大卡車開進廣場, 我們正在準備十點鐘向社區弟兄們發放食物箱及飲水。

上週冰雪風暴之侵襲,造成了許多家庭停水、 斷電 ,超市被搶購一空 。今天早上的食物和飲水可以說是一陣及時雨。

不到八點鐘,等待的車輛已經排起了長龍,幸虧今天是個晴天,進入美南廣場的入口處,已經有警察在指揮交通,看到如此的長龍大陣仗,我們決定九點半就開始發放工作, 車隊排成兩條線後便不斷上前推進,我們的志工和同仁分別把食物箱、飲水、西爪、香蕉,裝入每個人的後車箱,我也再加贈一個中國新春紅包,從車窗𥚃,看見許多單親媽媽帶著小孩, 年邁長者們接到紅包時露出的笑容,志願工作者的賣力表現,心中非常感動和感謝。




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We Sent Our Warm Regards To The Community

Early in the morning today some of our colleagues with many volunteers had already arrived at the Southern News compound ready to serve on Congressman Al Green’s Winter Storm Recovery Drive. A short time past eight o’clock, an eighteen-wheeler truck carrying the Food Bank’s delivery arrived at the ITC building on Bellaire Blvd. and included boxes of food, water and fruits. 

There was a very long line of cars right after eight AM, so we had to open up the line earlier than planned. At about 9 o’clock cars started passing by and all the volunteers started putting the boxes of food and water bottles into each car. In the meantime, I handed out red envelopes to each of them to wish them all good luck in the year of the Ox Lunar New Year.

I saw many single moms with their kids and a lot of elders in the line. I just felt so sad that the natural disaster had caused them so much suffering.

Again we really want to express our deepest appreciation to our dear congressman, Al Green. Whenever we ask for help in the community, he is always the first to take action as he did in today’s recovery event.

We also want to thank all those volunteers who came to help in the line to stock the food and drink for all the people in need.

To all our brothers and sisters: we are going to stand united to help each other. We are all in the same family.