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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 03/02

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 03/02

我見 我思 我聞



近半世紀以來,這個大多數篤信佛教的富饒國家,在軍政府之掌控下,可以说是民不聊生,緬甸盛產玉石、原油及豐富之天然資源,稻米每年至少可收成二次, 整個國家有著非常肥沃之土地,早在一九四八年從英國殖民地獨立之後,政治情勢從未安定下來,在一九六〇年代執政之尼溫政府,更是倒行逆施,把私人企業收為國有,隔夜宣布百元及五十元大鈔全部做廢。


Myanmar Military Force Opens Fire On Protesters

Myanmar security forces on Sunday launched their most violent and deadly crackdown against peaceful protesters. At least 18 people died and more than 30 people were injured.

According to the UN Human Rights Office, police attempted to extinguish a nationwide protest movement against a military coup in which they arrested the civil leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

A UN statement condemned the escalating violence and urged the military to immediately halt the use of force against the peaceful protesters. But military leaders ignored it.

Myanmar (also called Burma) is one of the richest countries in Asia with vast natural resources. The country produces oil, jade and rice. Most of the people in Myanmar are Buddhists. Most of the young people want to become monks when they grow up.

I spent my early young age with my family in the northern part of Burma. I still remember the nation was so poor with no running water or electricity. When General Ne Win came to power in 1960, he nationalized all the businesses under the government, making all one hundred and fifty dollar bills worthless.

It is very sad that such a beautiful country is still under a corrupt government. We all hope that Burma will come out of this conflict and become a peaceful nation.