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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 05/06

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 05/06

我見 我聞 我思

疫情失控 人間慘劇

美國和印度之斷航之後,印度全國病情繼續在惡化中,首都新徳里像似經歷了一場戰爭,火葬塲堆滿了屍體,只有在廣場上日夜燃燒著屍體 ,全市火光衝天。




有十四億人口的大國,近年來因為民族主義之高漲,一直在國際舞台上爭取領導地位,由於社會階級之舊思維及貧富懸殊,多半人口仍然生活在貧窮缐,對外還要打腫臉充胖子,中印邊境紛爭不断, 真不知道莫迪政府之目的何在?


Let’s Rescue India Together

India now is recording infections at 350,000 per day--more than any country has logged since the pandemic began. In New Delhi with a population of 20 million, more than 36% of the people tested positive, meaning one out of three who were tested were infected. One month ago the results were less than 3%. The infection rate is so serious that all of the hospitals are completely swamped. People are being turned away and hospitals are out of medicine and lifesaving oxygen.

Thousands of residents and politicians are issuing SOS calls to Prime Minister Modi begging him for oxygen and medicine.

With 1.4 billion people in India, most of them live in very poor conditions that lets the COVID -19 virus spread very rapidly. Many people had been fearing the first wave all last year which never came, but now it is happening right in front of everybody and all of the people fear that they are going to die.

Medical experts worry that the situation will get even worse. They estimate that possibly 500,000 new cases will be reported in the near future and that by August more than one million people will die.

Prime Minister Modi is being blamed for his holding political rallies in recent weeks that became super spreader events. Up until this date only 10 percent of the population has received one vaccine dose despite the fact that two vaccines are currently being produced in India.

We urge the international community to come to the rescue and help the suffering Indian people. This is a global issue. If India cannot control and defeat the virus alone, the rest of the world together should step up and take effective actions.