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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/21

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/21




上月參院兩黨曾經同意以五兆七千九百萬做為修建国家之公路 橋樑 機場 水和電等的預算但是對此始終無法達成共識其中包括如何支付此項預算

民主黨主政至今已過半年拜登政府在各項政策都受到了共和黨的強大壓力 內政外交上諸多挫折疫情雖然得到控制但新的變種病毒仍然形成威脅

如今的參議院 民主共和各五十個均分席次 眾議院民主黨也未佔絕大多數 因此拜登上任後在國會這場仗打得非常辛苦 明年期中選舉也已為時不遠 如果在大選中失利 民主党會立即進入跛腳政府 所有法案必將無法在國會中通過 立即影響政府施政

今天美國面臨之困境除了陳舊之基礎設施之外 外交軍事也同時受到挑戰 如果國會還在不斷惡鬥非人民之福也

We Need To Pass The Infrastructure Bill

In the U.S. Senate, the majority leader Chuck Schumer has set up a test vote for the new infrastructure bill, but Republican leaders are threatening to block that vote unless negotiators writing the bill can strike a deal.

In the last month the White House and Republicans agreed to spend $579 billion to build roads, bridges, power, broadband and infrastructure projects. But lawmakers have squabbled over how to pay for it.

We all know that our national infrastructure is long overdue. Our airports, highways, bridges and water systems are not functioning well.

The Biden administration really needs to pass the bill as soon as possible. Because the midterm elections will be held next year, if the Republicans regain power in Congress, President Biden will face more challenges and the bill will be even more difficult to pass.

Today even with the pandemic being under control, the new virus is still attacking our community.

We need to all need to be united to fight this evil and our save our country.