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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/29

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/29

我見 我思 我聞

賑災河南 同舟共濟

今晨參加了在休斯敦中國人活動中心的河南水災賑災新聞發佈會 華人社會人士共聚一堂 大家要為家郷父老們盡一份心力 對於河南鄭州等地之嚴重災情 表示無比的關怀。

自從去年二月新冠病毒肆虐以來全球各地遭受嚴重之災情 我們旅居美國的華裔社區 也面臨前所未有之挑戰 雖然個月前白宮宣布了不必戴口罩 但是昨天又要大家在室內重新戴上口罩因為新一波之變種病毒已經捲土重來

近半世紀來我們從家鄕來到美洲大陸 在每一個人生奮鬥之旅程中在此落葉生根 但是我們從未忘記自己的根

在楊德清彭梅 楊保華 李雄 俞斌等的籌組下,今晨的新聞發布會呼籲大家共同為河南災情發揮愛心

我們面臨目前嚴峻的社會但是我們一定要團結起來 我們是乘坐在同一條船上 唯有大家守望相助 互助合作 才能在社會上立於不敗之地

We All Need To Help The Victims Of The Henan Flood

I was recently with a group of community leaders at the Houston Chinese Civic Center to host a news conference for the Henan flood.

This is the first conference we have had since COVID-19 attacked Texas. In the last eighteen months our community really has been suffering. Many businesses have closed down and many have lost their lifetime of savings. Up until today many are trying to survive and continue with their livelihoods.

In China's Henan province, many people lost their lives because of the heaviest rains in over a century.

Last Tuesday storms dropped the equivalent of one year’s worth of water on the city in a 72-hour period. Before moving northward, the rains displaced more than one million people and left 63 people dead. Thirteen people also drowned in a rain-filled Zhengzhou subway route.

Today the Chinese American community in Texas is working on helping their hometown to show their real concern for the people who are suffering at Henan area.

We know all of us came to this great land looking for a better life. This now is also our home, but we will not forget our far away homeland, the place where most of us were born. All of us need to be united to help each other. Even in this difficult period of time, many people still should open their checkbooks.

We want to sent our deepest condolences to all those families who have lost their loved ones.