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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 08/02

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 08/02

我見 我思 我聞



新冠病毒打亂了世界,也打亂了我們社區的経濟和生活。 首先,我必須感激美南傳媒集團所有的工作伙伴冒著疫情之巨大威脅,繼續站在工作崗位之最前缐,無論是印報工廠的同仁,在電視攝影棚的編導伙伴,每天派報紙到社區大街小巷的工作伙伴, 站在話筒前的記者,我們從疫情爆發的第一天到十四個月後的今天二O二一年八月三日從來沒有退縮过, 天天凖時出報,天天二十四小時播出電視節目,天天上傳美南新聞網站。

疫情期間 ,我每天清晨照例前往印報工廠查看第一份油墨未乾的《美南日報》,打開二十四小時不中斷的美南電視台, 看到一則則跳躍在美南新聞网站的記者發稿 ,我的心在震動, 我經常自己擦乾淚水,告訴自己一定要堅強下去, 讀者觀眾需要我們, 這是我們肩負著的社會責任和使命。

今天 ,我再次走過美南新聞廣場,同仁們已經把一年來枯萎了的花圃重新整理,清洗和油漆了大門口噴水池和聳立的美南新聞紅色环球標誌,百利大道上的巨幅LED 重現光芒, 美南傳媒大樓全樓刷上新漆,美南國際貿易中心各國旗幟迎風飄揚,它代表了我們一股堅忍不拔的毅力 重新步上征途。


今天我們已經走過了四十二個寒暑,我們和社區成長已經牢不可分,不論未來有如何大的挑戰, 我們將和各位共存亡,這是一項歷史的使命, 也是我們對大家的承諾。

再次觸摸大樓的磚瓦,廣場上迎風飄揚的旗幟,喷水池中綻放的五彩水柱, 屏幕上播出的最新時事消息,我們一定會勇往直前再寫傳媒史上的新篇章。

We Are Going To Rewrite History

The coronavirus pandemic attacked the world as well as our community. Many people have passed away and many businesses have shut down. So many tragedies are still affecting our community.

We have to really appreciate all our colleagues in the different cities. In such a difficult time they are still working in the press room, TV studio and in front of the camera. Because of their sacrifice, we are able to print our newspaper every day and broadcast our TV programs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

In the last fourteen months we have never missed a day of operation. This is a real miracle and we are so proud of you all my working partners.

Almost every day I arrive at my office in the morning. I pick up a fresh copy of the Southern Daily newspaper and still smell the fresh ink. I open the TV channel and the website. My heart starts beating. It has been my daily work routine for the last 42 years.

Today it is a sunny day in Houston, Texas. I walked through the compound and I touched the wall of the building. I saw the colorful foundation and bright LED sign. I felt that we have been reborn again after the pandemic.

Thousands of our readers and viewers have called us in the last several months saying they are very worried and concerned about our future and for our survival.

Today I will let all of you know we are going to continue to fight for our future and we will never give up because of all of you.

I am so glad many flags fly in the blue sky in front of the International Trade Center and the sun shines on the fresh new paint of the Southern Media Center building. We are so proud. We are rewriting the history of international media.