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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 08/14

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 08/14


在我居住的帕多馬克市,是華盛頓地區最富有的區域之一 𥚃的居民不是富則貴的社區 房價至少在百萬以上 佔地平均是二英畝 大部分的豪宅是傳代的老錢 包括甘廼迪及洛克菲勒大家族在內

華府地區有四多 政客多 律師多 外交官多 智厙多 由于各國政府對美國之重視 都選派最優秀的大使來到華府 這些外交官多半也是當政者之親信 在這個美國首都每天上演著不同的政治戲碼

今天來到賓西法尼亞大道上華府著名的哈遜研究中心拜訪 該中心是硏究和推展美國未來在國防 外交 經濟 文化 衛生及法律之發展 目前已經有許多川普时代的高官在該中心參與研究工作 他們也歡迎年輕學子參加工作 並且定期舉辦各種硏討學術活動 也更是為美國培養政治領袖人物之搖欄

由於世界局勢之動盪不安 在華府來洽公談判的外交代表也因而增多 這些智厙也是他們必來取経之地。當政黨輪替之時 下台的高官經過一道旋轉門 他們可以出書加入智厙及出任大公司董事職務而致富

華府這個充滿活力集會派對的政治中心 是許多人的最愛 它決不會令你寂寞永遠的派對在等待著你去參加 多少政治風云變化及官㘯上的起落時刻在上演中

我喜歡華府的生活方式和氛圍 這裡的大環境充滿了希望 他們的決定影響著億萬人的命運

From The Nation’s Capital

My sister’s house is located in Potomac near the DC area. In this small town there are many mansions with an average of two acres of land on each property. Many houses are  surrounded by large trees and gardens. There are many old money families in the town such as the Rockefeller and Kennedy families. Many politicians and billionaires also live there.

In the nation’s capital there are four kinds of people: one are the politicians; of course, this is the political center of the world; another kind of people are lawyers. There are so many big law firms in the DC area. There are also the power brokers and deal makers. We also have many diplomats stationed in DC. They are representing their countries in America. Most of them are considered the best ambassadors representing their nations. When we walk on the street we also see many think tank institutes in the building. They have become one of the best places to hire the retired high-ranking government officials.

I had a chance to visit the Hudson Institute yesterday which was founded in 1961 by the strategist, Herman Kahn. The Hudson Institute challenges conventional thinking and helps manage strategic transitions to the future through interdisciplinary studies in defense, international relations, economics, healthcare, technology, culture and law. They sponsor a vigorous program of publications, conferences, policy briefings and recommendations.

Many colorful and political events are going every day in this exciting city. People love parties. They make their deals at the cocktail parties and feel they can talk freely and more relaxed to express their views. Many of the deals could be made in the hotels and restaurants and not in an office.

We are so fortunate to become a part of the action in this city. As a media person we witness a lot of politicians going up and down and coming and going. Many of them become world leaders and they will need to guide our nation and also the world.