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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 09/06

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 09/06



上週的埃達颶風経過墨西哥灣後直撲美東各州, 包括紐約州市都遭到重大打擊, 將近六千萬人在酷熱的天氣中受困受苦, 拜登總統親臨視訪, 聯邦政府之緊急救援, 然而災區重建需要時日才能回到正常生活。

在此同時 由共和黨控制的德州議會同時通過禁止六個星期內墮胎法案 最高法院對此案沒有採取任何緊急行動, 因此在德州此法律已經生效, 反對人士認為,至少有百分之八十五以上的墮胎者會受到影響。 因為她們多半無法在六星期內察觉是否懷孕, 在此同時, 徳州議會也通過了流浪漢和無家可归者不能在街頭或橋下隨地搭蓬而居, 違者將被拘留和罰款, 拜登總統表示 他對德州通過的法律將反對到底 決心維護婦女墮胎之權利。

這一週來 一連發生的天災和嚴厲之法律規章, 將會不斷增加下層社會之困苦, 但是從社會治安之角度而言, 流浪漢在市內造成之問題也日愈悪化 也導致犯罪率之大增。

居於人道之立場政府應拿出更多之措施, 幫助他們就業或安置在統一之地方, 而不是置之不理 何況聯邦政府對地方及市政府都有不同之補助 我們要為這些貧困大眾帶來更多的關懷。

IDA Was One Of The Worst Flooding Catastrophes In The Northeast

Up until last week, IDA’s March through the northeast as a tropical storm claimed at least 51 lives in states including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut.

Since IDA made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane, the storm was responsible for a total of 60 deaths.

The governor of New Jersey said, “We are not out of the woods yet. We are going to clean up and we are going to stay together, maybe for a long time.”

In Texas, Governor Abbott signed into law last Wednesday a measure that would prohibit abortions in Texas as early as six weeks --before some women even know they are pregnant, This bill also opens a new frontier in the battle over abortion restriction. Abortion rights groups have promised to challenge the new law.

Abbott also signed a new law that bans homeless encampment on public property in Texas. The law makes it illegal to set up a shelter or store belongings for an extended period of time. The offense is a Class C misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of up to $500 dollars.

With the hurricane and the abortion law and the homeless encampment law being passed in Texas, it makes for a more difficult life for a lot poor citizens. 

We all agree on clearing the mess on the city streets, but in the meantime, the government has a responsibility to help the homeless find jobs and give them shelters in which to live.

Today we are facing so many challenges in our nation. We need to help each other to overcome so many difficulties, especially in this time of disaster.