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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 09/15

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 09/15


在囯會參眾議院之民主黨急需重整士氣面對拜登政府的執政挑戰 決心不讓黨內分裂而影響到未來之執政之路

民主黨国會议長佩洛西希望在九月二十日以前向國會提交提案包括對社會安全之保障 但是民主黨参議員對這項龎大的預算案持有不同之意見

我們眼看在九月如果國會不通過政府借貸上限 聯邦政府就面臨關閉之風險

拜登政府目前所遭遇的是內憂外患之窘境 自從阿富汗匆促撤軍之後 面對恐怖份子之困境並未消除 在亞洲面對北韓之核武威脅 加上和中國關係之交惡 造成台海問題之緊張

我們眼看共和黨和民主党之政爭日愈演愈烈 主要戰場還是在國會及明年之中期業績大選 目前在國會中僅佔些微多數的民主黨將會有一場硬仗

拜登總統最近和習近平主席已經通上電話 我們寄望中美兩國應在多方面達成合作協議 兩大國關係有係於世界和平希望兩國領導人能以大局為重 若有不慎 將會導致世界毀滅性之災難

Democrats Fight To Finalize Deal

House and Senate Democrats are fighting to unite their party to pass a massive economic package to implement much of President Biden’s domestic agenda. But because they are facing internal disagreement, it could threaten to derail the deal.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised to bring a bipartisan bill to the floor on September 27th, but some of the progressives say they won’t vote for it without the larger economic package. Senator Joe Manchin has poured cold water on the timeline.

Democrats are also working on adding a debt limit increase to a stop-gap spending measure to keep the government open past September 30th. They also want to include billions of dollars for natural disaster recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

The clock is ticking for a series of key deadlines for the nation. Pelosi wants to see the party’s massive bill to expand the social safety net by the end of this week.

This is so important for Democrats to show their ability to pass all the bills in order to keep their power in Congress.

We are so glad to see that two leaders from the United States and China had conversations last week. We all know the world is in chaos today. We need the world leaders to seek common ground to make peace for the world.

We also feel very sad about the conflicts in so many parts of the world that could bring disaster to the entire globe.