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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 09/17

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 09/17



將近二百年來一直是白人當選市的波士頓在昨晩的初選中由三十六歲的華裔吳弭和四十七歲的突尼西裔喬治獲勝 將在今年十一月二日參加市長選舉 不管十一月的市長誰能當選將會結束二百年來首次由亞裔或有色人種接任市長大位

吳弭的父母來自台灣 她在芝加哥出生後來畢業於哈佛法學院 她的主要政見是免費搭乘交通工具 控制房租 改革市政建設之綠色新政府

我們在此要熱烈祝賀吳弭之初選勝利 並呼籲大家給她實際之捐款和支持

多年來 我們的社會由於不同之因素造成了對亞裔之歧視和仇恨 許多生活在社會底層的亞裔加上疫情之氾濫 真是苦不堪言

今天我們從波士頓的市長選舉中能夠清楚的看見大眾的目光還是雪亮的 在這個以白人為主的美國大城 也有亞裔及有色人種出人頭地的機會

我們深感美國是一個移民的大熔爐 成千上萬的人來到這塊土地 貢獻其畢生精力 他們對美國是有巨大貢獻的

波士頓市長之選舉足以証明只要你有足夠的勇氣和才能 一定能出類拔萃

我們今天也更要呼籲亞裔社區一定好更加團結 雖然我們只佔全國人口的百分之七 但是我們在經濟教育上之成就遠超過其他族裔

十一月份波士頓市長選出新一代的市長指日可待 值此亞裔被歧視之大環境下 也為我們大家爭了口氣

A Change In Boston Politics Is Coming

Boston Mayoral candidates Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George both belong to the Democratic Party. Both will advance to the November election and one will make history as the first person of color to become the city’s mayor. Over the last two centuries, Boston has elected only one white man as mayor.

The current polling results show Wu was leading with 33% and George was at about 22% of the votes.

Wu told her supporters that it’s been an honor to be part of this historic field. She promised to keep up the energy and get out to every single voter by knocking on doors and having conversations about what’s possible in the city. Senator Elizabeth Warren is backing Wu who was one of her students from Harvard Law School.

Wu’s parents are from Taiwan. She was born in Chicago and later went to study at Harvard.

Today we are really proud of Michelle Wu and her accomplishments in the mayoral race in Boston.

We as Asian American are facing many challenges, especially in this coronavirus pandemic period. Many of us also have experienced the so-called “hate crimes.”

America is really a nation of immigrants. We came from different corners of the world. Many groups of hard-working people made this country and made many contributions.

The Boston election message is really telling people that your success depends on your hard work.

We really need to support Michelle Wu, not just with the vote. We also need to support her financially too.

She is also setting the role model for the rest of our Asian young people in the future.