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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 09/27

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 09/27

我見 我思 我聞


让中美和加拿大三方陷入冷戰氣氛的華為孟晩舟案上週五終於落幕 ,這使中美之間近年來軍事技術和貿易日益陷入惡性對峙,此舉將對兩國關係出現轉機 ,兩名被中國大陸拘留的加拿大人也在同一時間被遣返回國。

孟晚舟過去三年多來 一直被軟禁在加拿大溫哥華, 並繳纳了八百萬美元級的保釋金 ,她被指控一起華為向伊朗出售電訊設備之案 ,而要求加拿大拘捕孟晚舟,希望把她引渡到美國, 這也是美國阻止華為在全球對5G 網路擴張之努力。

在這場中美兩國之激烈競爭中, 雙方都動用了國家權力工具 ,自拜登就任總統以來 ,美國繼續阻斷出售給華為關鍵晶片, 對華為造成極大的影響。

我們欣見孟晚舟和 兩名加拿大前外交官康明凱及商人斯帕福皆重獲自由, 也樂見中美和加拿大三國之關係有所缓解。

美國明年底即面臨期中选举,目前面對通貨及國家預算之窘境 ,拜登政府勢必面對去解決, 否則民主黨若失去國會優勢, 其後果將是更多的災難。

我們不願看到今後變成兩個不同的世界, 中美兩大國必須繼續解決彼此矛盾 ,這不單是中美兩國人民之福祉, 也更是世界人民前途有緊密關係。

Meng Wenzhou Is Going Home

After 1,030 days  of detention in Canada, the  U.S. Justice Department reached an agreement clear the way for senior executive of Huawei, Meng Wenzhou, to return to China. This action removed one of the major irritants between U.S. and China. Within a few hours China also released two Canadians who China had held after Meng Wenzhou had been detained in Canada.

The end of the three years' case may lead President Biden and President Xi into a better relationship, but in the meantime, Biden was meeting for the first time at the White House with the leaders from Australia, India and Japan.

Ms. Meng spent three years in Vancouver on a bail of about $8 million and was detained by Canadanian authorities as the United States sought her extradition back to New York.

Since Biden took office, the U.S. government has prevented the Chinese company Huawei from buying key chips needed for its equipment.

We all hope the end of this case will bring better relations between the two countries.

We really don’t want to see the two most powerful countries continue to fight. They both need to cooperate in many fields for world peace.