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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/02

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/02



王維在其山居秋暝文中有云 空山新雨后 天氣晚來秋 明月松間照 清泉石上流

今午走在後院中 驟感秋意來襲 樹葉變色 在高大的松樹下展露了艳麗的色彩

秋天真的來了 已經是近兩週年的苦難日子新冠病毒為我們帶來的災難 除了身軀之苦痛 更在每一個人的心坎中烙下無法揮去的傷痕

許多人倒下去了 這㘯災難失去的生命超過歷史上西班牙大流行病之總和 更是多過二次世界大戰死傷人數 為什科技醫療昌明發達的今天 還是抵不過病魔的攻擊

細數過去二十個月難挨的日子多少人英年早逝 多少寶貴之生命就此結束 多少以血汗建立的事業付諸東流

秋天落葉在傳遞時光之信息 我們還是要把握自己的寶貴歲月 永遠活在大小的希望之中

疫情真的打亂了世界的安寧及每個人的生活 地球村在分裂中 政客們為私利不擇手段 試看天氣變化對人類帶來的浩劫

自古逢秋悲寂寥 古人對秋總是傷感甚多 但是此時此地 我們没有慵懶的權利 希望的曙光一定會再現

We All Need To Live In Hope

We often call Autumn the season of the year between summer and winter when the temperature gradually decreases, the leaves fall from the trees and the temperature transitions between summer heat and winter cold.

I was walking through my backyard where many trees are changing their colors to red or brown and suddenly I felt a deep sadness as  many tragedies passed through my mind.

In the last twenty months the world has really turned upside down because of the Covid-19. We lost many of our dear friends, brothers and sisters. They lost the battle with the coronavirus and many families lost their loved ones or their businesses which they had  built up over their lifetime.

Dear brothers and sisters, we still need to live in hope. Hope can erode when we perceive a threat to our way of life and these days all of us face plenty of uncertainty out there.

All of us need to have hope even when there is no hope. People can’t picture a desired end to their struggles and they lose their motivation to endure.

According to research at Harvard, they found that those with more hope throughout their lives had better physical health, better health behaviors, better social support and longer lives.

Today we live in a very chaotic world. Many things are uncertain. 

We need to make our minds stronger every day and always look for more hope to help each other fight for a better future.