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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/08

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/08

我見 我思 我聞



就在週四下午五時 我和譚秋晴 李雄 吳元之州議員前往休斯敦非裔社區參加了一項反重劃政治版圖之群眾大會 這項集會旨在反對州議會把西南區及國際區重劃到第七國會議員選區 並且把第十八選區也重新規劃

這項定名為立即立即行動之群眾大會在市長特納之激情演說中展序幕 第九選區的格林議員及第十八選區的積克遜李在大會上大聲疾呼要為我們的政治權利展開保衛戰

我在大會上向群眾們表示對此次大會之支持 並代表國际區十七萬居民及八百五十個中小企業堅決反對把國際區劃到第七選區 多年來在格林議員之支持下 我們構建了經濟上的榮景及政治上應享之權利


非常遺憾 今天在美國我們少數族裔面臨之問題 也是爭取民権運動之再現

“Call To Action” Rally

We are so glad to have joined Congressman Al Green and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee at Emancipation Park to express our anger at the

“Call to Action” rally to save our districts now.

In my speech, I told supporters that in the last fifteen years we were able to  establish the International District in southwest Houston because we got such great assistance from our Congressman Al Green and have since been able to build economic prosperity and establish a multi-language voting system in the district. Now we need to protect our rights and we most definitely want to stay in District 9!

Chairman Kenneth Li and Stafford Deputy Mayor Alice Chen and  Dr. Helen Shih from the United Chinese Alliance also expressed their full support.

We so much regret the ambitions of some politicians. As a consequence, we  the voters will suffer.

Today we urge all of our community people to wake up and say No! to these proposed changes. This is our right and responsibility to protect our community as well as the next generation.

This is another civil rights movement we are looking at. Unless we all are united, otherwise, we are going to lose our basic rights.