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美南廣場 / 董事長介紹

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/11

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/11

我見 我思 我聞

球媒體 共存共榮

在美南傳媒電視攝影棚𥚃 集聚了二十位多独立媒體人我們正在探討如何在多變而嶄新的媒體世界中尋求共存共榮的未來

由美南傳媒和非裔傳媒共同倡議之電視 廣播 報紙 雜誌共十五家各族裔媒體老闆們 包括來自亞洲 非洲 中南美洲 中東地區經營電視報業 社群媒體者共同組成球媒體集團公司旨在共建立全球媒體平台 利用各種不同之国際語言 來傳遞新聞和娛樂節目 同時以集團公司之力量尋求大家在経濟上之共同利益 包括舉辦各族裔之慶典活動積極參與社區及政治活動 全面啟動團結合作之目標

多少年來 我們做为為美國社區之媒體在全體同仁之努力下我們已經在為超过百家的各族裔媒體服務之平台 其中包括非裔週報 越南日報 菲律賓週刊 嫩巴嫩週刊 日文週刊 巴基斯坦电视台 學區月報 墨西哥電台這使我們真正成为國際媒體中心常有政客及各界人士频繁往来。

近十餘年來為迎接新媒體電視之到來 美南媒體中心早已進入電視新媒體時代 將傳統報業和電視 廣播 社群媒體全面結合

我們非常興奮在此時此刻多年來共同奮鬥的伙伴大家再度攜手進入新的歷史階段 這不但是大家求生存之時刻 更是我們共存共榮寫下歷史之新篇章

We Are United For Our Future -- Global Vibes Media Group

Global Vibes Media Group is a media partnership between Afrovibes Entertainment LLC and Southern News Media Group LLC with the goal to combine together our large and influencial media companies to represent other diverse ethnic groups.

The vision is to unite our global TV and Radio station media companies and magazines and newspapers with the goal to serve as a gateway for other companies to build a strong alliance and network together.

Global Vibes Media Group will create a digital platform that will empower and propel business owners, entrepreneurs, politicians, community leaders and activists, content creators and influencers to cross-promote their various projects and visions. All of these together will generate revenue by expanding beyond a single market reach.

Over the last several decades Southern News Group has been serving and continues to serve our community covering hundreds of media outlets. Our presses print over one hundred community newspapers.

Almost twenty years ago we got into television and radio and we knew the media would be changing.

Today we are so glad to team up with so many of our partners to promote the new media together. This is not only just for our survival, but also for our mutual success.