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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 11/19

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 11/19



家庭團聚火雞大餐之日子將近 感恩節是我們最重要的日子之一 它代表了家庭之親情和感恩 更彰顯了社會之公義和溫暖

回憶起當年剛到美國時 我曾寄住在舊金山派克街一位白人房主積克的家中 他是位公寓管理員 因為是獨身分租了一個房間給我 我因為早出晚歸 除了上課還在打工至深夜 唯一和積克見面只有和他在週日上午共進早餐 他是位來自歐洲英國之三代移民 曾經參軍後退役 他為我們做上非常道地的英氏早餐 除了香脆的培根及煎蛋 還配上藍梅果醬麵包土司 我們在品嗜香味四溢的咖啡中 談些一週來的趣事 我真心感動積克給予我這個窮學生和海外遊子之溫暖 時至如今 我得到他的真傳 能做出真正的歐式早餐

事隔多年 我又回到派克大街 當然積克已經回天國 但是那幢古老建築依然完好 我在大門前滯留片刻 思念往事 人事全非 但是我對積克早年的關照和他的美味早餐難予忘懷 在我人生最艱難之日子 遇到貴人  唯有感恩再感恩

上至養我育我的父母、以及學校教導我們的恩師 在人生中遇到的老伴 老友 在事業上的伙伴以及無數幫助我們的人 我們都要感恩 唯有如此 我們的社會才會和諧才會溫暖

感恩節即在眼前社會似乎動盪不安 全球疫情未見管控 眼見許多國家孩童因飢餓骨瘦如柴 但願大家在此感恩節日之時 伸出援手 給世界添些溫暖

Thanksgiving Is The Time To Say “Thanks”

This is the last part of the year and Thanksgiving is coming soon. This is the time for family reunions and time to enjoy the turkey dinner together. It also represents the time when people need to appreciate what they are enjoying today.

I remember many years ago I was a new foreign student and just arrived in San Francisco. I shared a small apartment with a man named Mr. Jack Jacobson on Pine Street. Jack was a third generation British immigrant. He was retired from the army and managed an apartment complex. Because of my busy schedule, I had to go to school and then work in the restaurant until midnight. We really hardly ever saw each other. The only time was on Sunday mornings. Jack invited me to enjoy breakfast with him. He was such a good cook with the delicious English style breakfast with bacon and hash brown potatoes. We spent time together and talked about what had happened over the past week. Jack was always concerned about my school studies and my work. His friendship really deeply moved me. 

Many years later, I went back to Pine Street in San Francisco again and heard that Jack had already passed away. But the building was still there. I stood in front of it and my mind went back to the old days. Jack gave me a lot of advice and helped me in my difficult times. I always appreciated him. 

Each one of us has our parents, teachers, friends and partners in our lives. It is because of them that we are able to become successful in many ways. We really need to appreciate them. 

When we watch so many hungry kids around the world, all of us need to help them to get out of hunger.

The holiday season is the time we need to say thanks, especially on Thanksgiving Day.