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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 01/12

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 01/12

我見 我闻 


走在美國全國各大小城市的餐廳和工廠 大家都掛上了召募員工的告示招牌 這塲新冠疫情之大浪 正在改變了美國人生活和求職之生態

根據勞工部發表之數字 O二一年下半年共有二千萬人辭工 這種現象實在令人難予置信 而且目前美國全國之失業率只有百分之三點九 可謂是歷史上最㡳時期

美國嬰兒潮一代的職工多半已經退出職場 也正是二千年代出生的一代要上崗就業之时代 尤其是在旅遊攴飲觀光業工作的年輕人辭職比例最高

根據最新數字 目前需要招募員工之行業中 醫護人員缺百分之八 教師人員缺百分之四點四 零售業百分之六 酒店觀光業百分之九 包括營造建業也缺三十五萬工人

今天我們在面臨通貨膨脹之壓力 濟仍然在強勁反彈 而因疫情之持續 網路及缐上辦公已經成為常態

在美國整個勞工市場 大部分仍然仰賴新移民及來自墨西哥及中南美洲之新勞動力 我們必須面對新的現實 來解決勞工短缺之問題

Wave Of Great Resignation In America

Walking into restaurants and factories in large or small cities in America today, every place is hanging out the “Employees Wanted” signs. This wave of Covid-19 is really changing our lives.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the latest figures for the last six months of 2021 showed that a total of 20 million people have resigned from their jobs. This phenomenon is really unbelievable. Currently our unemployment rate is 3.9 percent. It is at its lowest in recent history.

Most baby boomers are now retired. These days, the generation z young people are getting into the job market. Those young employees who worked in the tourism or restaurants industries and are paid the highest rate are resigning from their jobs. Today there is a shortage of 8% in the medical field, 4.4% teachers, 6% in retail and 350,000 workers are needed in the construction industry.

We have to understand the entire scope of the labor market and look to the new immigrants for labor from Mexico and Central America. We must change our policy to welcome more labor to come to America in order to solve the labor problem.

The Covid -19 pandemic is totally changing our lifestyle. Online and internet offices are now becoming the norm for our future.