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美國新冠肺炎抗疫日記4/3/2020 永不打烊的事業---美南新聞

美國新冠肺炎抗疫日記4/3/2020   永不打烊的事業---美南新聞








Our Business Never Closes - Salute To My Co-Workers

This morning as usual,  I walked into our press room and picked up a fresh copy of our Southern Daily Newspaper. I went back to my office and watched our TV programs and website. I felt so moved and touched and tears came to my face.

It was long time ago, but I still remember when I was a just a kid, I slept next to my dad and shared a newspaper with him every night. Even in my teenage years, I felt how powerful the media was. Many years later, we went into the newspaper media business. Maybe this is how one’s destiny is decreed.

We are here now and so graceful and appreciative of all my co-workers including editors, reporters, TV producers, anchormen, pressman, digital editors and delivery men. Because of your sacrifice and courage, millions of people can still read our daily newspaper getting news from our newspapers, TV station and websites.

As of today, more than one million people around the world have already contracted the Coronavirus and twenty-five percent of all businesses have closed. We are still facing very serious challenges right now. As a media business, we are so proud we will still continue to hold our position and do our very best for the people we love.

I also wanted to tell my colleagues that because of your great contributions, history will mark down a page for you. I also want to let you know Southern News Group is still open 7 days a week, 24-hour a day because we need to serve our nation, our readers and our viewers.

United we say, God bless America.