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美國新冠疫情日記04/13/2020 患難見真情

美國新冠疫情日記04/13/2020  患難見真情




自從美國新冠疫情肆虐以來,美國之疫情状况居世界之冠。從白宮到國會大家對疫情之處理方式意見分歧,川普總統認為國家経濟事關重大,必須早日開放; 醫療界人士認為如果防疫不當,後果將不堪設想。


這段時期以來,格林議員在我們的社區,不顧自己的安危不断到各處參訪,並且多次發動各項捐贈活動,他的這份關懷及愛心絕非其他議員及官員所能及,我経常在他的號召下为社区出力,身為社區之一份子,我們愛這片土地, 因為是我們的家,格林議員之義舉印證了患難見真情。


         True Friendship Stands Out In Difficult Times

This morning we joined Congressman Al Green and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner again at the Stafford Centre in Stafford, Texas, to announce to all citizens the upcoming drive for donations of medical products this Thursday from 10AM-12 Noon at the  Stafford Centre located at 10505 Cash Road, Stafford, TX 77477.

The news conference for the announcement included City Councilwoman Alice Chen, President of Asian Chamber of Commerce Bin Yu and Susan Li president of Guangxi Association. We were very glad for the participation of our Asian community to show our support in this difficult pandemic period.

In Texas we currently have more than 13,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus with 271 deaths.

Today with our nation facing this tragic crisis, President Trump is seeking to open the nation ASAP and get people back to work. But other medical experts worry that might make things even worse.

In the last couple of months since the Coronavirus pandemic came to our community, Congressman Al Green was the first public person to come to the rescue of the community. We as local citizens will always appreciate, remember and be thankful for his immediate response to this health disaster. Congressman Green is a great politician. 

We all love you Al.