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美國新冠疫情日記4/30/2020 穹蒼為幕 屋頂為台

美國新冠疫情日記4/30/2020  穹蒼為幕 屋頂為台

穹蒼為幕 屋頂為台


由美南電視傳媒集團推出的抗擊疫情,奉獻愛心全球華人音樂藝術家線上音樂會,定於今晚起每天晚上美國中部時間下午七時,在美南國際電視台透過網路Youtube STV app iTalkBB 15·3 頻道向全球播出,讓音樂家們的歌聲来掃除疫情之隂霾,希望得到全球觀眾之支持。

紐約曾經是世界最耀眼的城市,過去兩個月來被新冠病毒之肆虐,遭受了前所未有之苦難,一位在前綫搶救病患的年輕美麗的羅娜布雷醫生,因感染病毒無法承受目睹醫院中之慘況因而自缢去世,正值茂華青春之年,她還是選擇了早日結束自己的生命,事後她的妹妹告訴記者說,布雷醫生在急救中心日奮戰,身心俱疲,她對紐約州政府對此次疫情之準備不全也言, 如此悲剧,怎不令人悲慟。


我們是一些平民百姓,在面臨如此嚴峻艱苦之時刻,我們只能聯合所有具有愛心的音樂藝術家們 獻上歌聲,來撫慰苦難的兄弟姐妹們。


          Let Music Comfort Our Pain

   STV Online Visual Musical Concert

Southern TV is planning to sponsor a visual music performance starting tonight          7:00 pm Central time. The concert will broadcast on Channel 15.3, Youtube STV app and on ItalkBB around the world. We hope this program will comfort the pain of the many victims of the Coronavirus.

New York, the most shining city in the world, is still suffering with this pandemic. A couple of days ago, we lost Dr. Lorna Breen at a New York Hospital. Her sister told the media that Dr. Breen was facing big challenges and she witnessed many patients that did not make it in the Emergency room. This tragic situation caused her great pain and finally she committed suicide. We deeply felt so much pain for her loss and just want to ask, does anyone understand how this medical team feels about their hard job?

America, we are still the richest country in the world and this pandemic has been here for months. We still don’t see that the federal and local, and state governments are fully coordinating the fight against this invisible enemy.

As ordinary citizens, we all want to mobilize the musicians of the world to contribute their beautiful voices to all our sisters and brothers who are living in pain and doubt.

We all pray that this suffering and hardship will soon come to an end.