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美國新冠疫情日記5/18/2020 Coronavirus Diary

美國新冠疫情日記5/18/2020  Coronavirus Diary

Coronavirus Diary

               Nation Is Open For Business

 The first tropical storm named Arthur has formed off the Florida coast last Saturday. It is the first tropical storm of the 2020 hurricane season since last weekend most of the nation is open for business.

Americans in many states can now go get a haircut, go to the gym and sit down in a restaurant with some restrictions, but medical health experts still worry whether we have opened up too soon.

So far, 1.5 million Americans have tested positive for COVID-19 and more than 90,000 people have died from it. In Texas we have recorded the highest single day increase over the last weekend, but Governor Abbott has attributed it to more testing.

Texas restaurants, movie theatres and malls have been open now for more than two weeks.

As the nation is opening back up for business, we really need get prepared for a second wave of coronavirus to come back.

We as a nation have never suffered so much before as we have in this pandemic. When the schools are closed, millions of students stay at home and not only in the summer. The Cal State University system today announced that the whole campus will be closed for the coming semester leaving one-half million students to study at home.

Health and Human Service Secretary Alex Azar said on Sunday that more than 10 million people have been tested for the coronavirus so far and the federal government plans to deploy rapid testing to meatpacking facilities and nursing homes.

 We want to strongly urge the local and federal governments to expedite delivery of the testing kits to all the general public. We also need the CDC’s scientific independence and experienced voice to lead and guide the country during this time of national public health emergency.

       疫情政治化 國之不幸


從上週末以來,美國各大小城鎮已局部開放商業活動,人們可以去理髮,上健身房,到餐廳用餐 ,但是醫療衛生專家仍然表示極度之擔心,疫情風暴可能捲土重來。



加州州立大學系統已經宣佈在夏秋兩季學生不到校區上課,全國各地之中小學也無法參加夏令營 ,整個國家之教育體系面臨停擺。