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新冠疫情日記5/21/2020 Unemployment Rate Still High

新冠疫情日記5/21/2020 Unemployment Rate Still High

Unemployment Rate Still High

The U.S. Labor Department issued a statement last week reporting that the number of unemployment claims rose by another 2.4 million total since mid March. There were already thirty million eight hundred sixty thousand unemployment claims that brought the unemployment rate to 14.7 %. This is the highest number since the Labor Department started keeping records in 1948.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also released information today stating that there are more than five million confirmed coronavirus cases in the world. More than three hundred twenty thousand have lost their lives. Two-thirds of the cases are in the United States, Russia, Brazil and India.

When the world began to face this catastrophic pandemic, we didn’t have a very effective way to control the disease. But on the international political stage, the politicians still point their fingers at each other, even though the United Nations could not even come up with any solution to help the world.

In conclusion: America and many nations all over the world are partially open for business. Last Friday, in Congress, the U.S. House passed a three trillion dollar stimulus bill, but in the Senate, the Republicans do not agree to pay more unemployment money because a lot of people don’t want to go back to work.

Today, millions of scientists and medical teams are working on new vaccines to rescue the world. We need to be united around the world to fight our common enemy.


美國勞工部今天公佈,上星期又有二百四十萬人申請失業救濟金,從叁月中旬以來共有叁千八百六十萬人登記失業,即便全國各地已經局部開放商業活動根據勞工統計局發之數字單單四月份就有二千萬個職位被裁減以致失業率沖上百分之十四點七的高也是自一九四八年有記錄以來之最高水準 。




全世界各地之醫療科技人員正在爭分奪秒加緊硏製新冠病毒之疫苗, 這也是世界人民在期盼的大事唯有疫苗之發現才能挽救世界經濟。