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美國新冠疫情日記5/30 Our Backyard Is On Fire

美國新冠疫情日記5/30 Our Backyard Is On Fire

    Our Backyard Is On Fire

Protests spread across the U.S. over George Floyd’s death, the unarmed black man who was pinned to the ground by the knee of a white officer and ultimately died. The fired police officer, responsible for the man’s death, Derek Chauvin, has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of Floyd.

Protests erupted in cities across America and turned violent as demonstrators clashed with the police and set fires. In many cases, the demonstrators looted many of the nearby stores including the offices of CNN headquarters in Atlanta. Mayor Keisha Bottoms urged the protestors to be calm. In Houston, Mayor Turner said in a news conference that Houston is the home of George Floyd. There is much real pain in our city because of the way he died and people want to express their feelings and lift up his name.

Today, Floyd’s case really represents a huge social problem in our society. In the last 70 years or more since the end of WWII, hundreds of thousands of new immigrants have come to America looking for the American Dream. Many talented people brought their families and settled down here and became U.S. citizens. This is the main reason all of us have worked to build this country and make it a super power, not just politically, but also economically.

In the past several decades, many African-Americans and minority groups still were not given equal opportunity in education or economically. Many years later, the gap between the rich and the poor just got wider.

Today, the Trump administration announced the America First policy. We are starting to withdraw from many international organizations including WHO. And the issue in Hong Kong has now become a huge conflict between the U.S. and China.

As this pandemic continues to attack our land, the whole economy is crumbling. We really need a leader who can lead us to a brighter future.

There are more than twenty million Asian Americans in this country. Most of us came here after the end of WWII. We settled down here as our permanent home. Today, as we see the country facing our biggest challenge, we need to join hand-to-hand to help our neighbors, our community and our country.

Let us pray - God bless America.


喬治佛洛伊德被警察虐死事件昨晚在全美各大城市激起多之遊行,並造成許多擄搶商家及縦火事件包括亞特蘭大CNN 總部都被攻擊, 造成兩人喪生之不幸該市女市長波頓斯呼籲大家保持冷靜要學習金恩博士之精神決不可搶劫商家縦火洩怒,休斯敦市長唐納在會上緊急要求示威者不要破壞公物,他深切了解示威者之忿怒,但是全體市民是無辜的昨晚警方已經逮捕了二百多名示威者。


自二次大戰結束以來過去七十年是美國領導世界的時代各國精英都千方百計奔向美國由于寬之移民政策,每年有數以百萬計之非法或合法之移民來到此地, 爲美利堅共和國創造了第一強國和世界警察的地位我們是一個人人有機會出人頭地的國家不幸的是生活在底層社會之少數族裔因經濟條件等諸多原因無法接受良好之教育,大多數更靠政府救濟久而久之 社會上貧富懸殊越來越大公共財富分配不均失業人口嚴重當然會導致社會問題。

最近美國已經正式宣布退出國際衛生組織及世界太空條約組織由于川普總統之美國優先政策, 世界政治及經濟格局已在銳變之中香港問題讓美中兩國面臨所未見的挑戰新冠疫情造成世界毀滅性的災難, 全球經濟有大衰退之危險 總而言之 我們需要有能力及智慧的政治人物來重整世界秩序挽救人類之文明。

今天我們有超過兩千多萬居住在此的華亞裔國民,許多人皆因戰亂貧窮來到美洲大陸追求美國夢,我們要深切體認到落葉生根的重要性,換言之,只有積極關懷社會,服務社區, 參與政治, 是我們的義務更是我們的權力。