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美国新冠疫情日記06/06 Biden Becomes Democratic Nominee

美国新冠疫情日記06/06    Biden Becomes Democratic Nominee



      Biden Becomes Democratic Nominee For President

Former Vice President Joe Biden has earned enough delegates to officially secure the democratic nomination for president. His electoral victory in Guam last night allowed him to surpass the necessary 1991 delegates to claim the nomination in August at the democratic convention.

In his statement, Biden said Americans are hurting and have suffered so much loss. So many feel knocked down by the public health system and the economic crisis we are weathering, he said.

Today, we as a nation are facing so many challenges around the world. We continue to withdraw from international treaties and organizations. This is a very big mistake. No matter if you like it or not, the world has become a global village. Look at the coronavirus pandemic. This is a worldwide crisis. We also have a moral responsibility to help the rest of the world, especially the poor countries.

The education system continues to be the most serious issue. All across the nation for many years, the rich areas always have had better school districts than the poor. Students today don’t have equal opportunity to get their education, and without an education foundation, how are they going to find their future?

We are a nation that has lost so many manufacturing jobs in the last several decades. When you walk into any store, how many items are made in the USA? A lot of young students want to go to Wall Street to become stockbroker. They could easily become a millionaire overnight. But not too many of them want to study engineering or basic science.

As the leader of the world and the richest country, we should be looking at all the issues facing us from a global perspective. In this election we are not only just limited to who wins the national vote, but also how our vote will affect the rest of the world.

        內憂外患 國難當前


前副總統拜登在昨晚贏得關島地區之初選後,已經獲得超過一千九百九十一之選舉人票, 正式登上民主黨總統候選人之寶座 ,將于五個月後和川普爭奪美國總統大位。


從全球經濟和政治之觀點看來, 美國不斷宣稱退出各種國際組織是非常錯誤之決定,我們是世界上最富有的國家, 有義務去承擔對全球人口之貧窮帶來之社會問題, 如果還想有獨善其身之想法那是不可能的事。

因新冠疫情及佛羅伊德虐死事件帶來的雙重打擊, 已經充分暴露了我們多年來的社會問題, 歧視有色人種是一個早已存在的結構性問題,最重要的還是我們給予人民教育機會之不均衡,全國國民基本教育仍然是以地方區域性來實施, 稅收豐厚之富人區, 其學區必然優于貧困學區, 久而久之,非裔及少數族裔地區之學童都已輸在起跑點上。

美國經濟近數十年來,實體制造業已經逐漸外移,大家在商店和大賣場中還有多少是美國制造之品牌, 這個危機已經在這次新冠疫情中充分顯現出來。

近年來華爾街之金融市場造成多半的年青學子希望一夜致富之奢望, 而不願在基礎理工科學上下功夫,促使全國經濟繼續空洞化。

這些亟待國家領導人來解決之大方針大問題, 是我們選民即將在五個月後來共同決定,我們欣見拜登將角逐大位, 這也是我們有史以來面對國難當頭, 世局混亂之時,決定世界命運的一次選舉。