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美國新冠疫情日記06/12 Alief Community Service Center Breaks Ground

美國新冠疫情日記06/12  Alief Community Service Center Breaks Ground

Alief Community Service Center Breaks Ground

Located at Bellaire Blvd. and Kirkwood Road, ground has been broken for the new Alief Community Center. This center will cost sixty million dollars and has been the result of hard work by many city council members and community leaders. After almost ten years, the City of Houston has finally approved the project.

The old community center has been there for decades. The outside pool and other sport facilities are already out of date. We have so many local residents that still want to enjoy the Alief Park.

Today we are so glad that this state-of the-art center will bring a new look and cultural education to our community. Local citizens will have a new home for their functions and activities.

We have also been talking to many community leaders about building a historical wall where the story can be told about how the newcomers came to this beautiful land they now call home.

Even in this difficult pandemic time, we are so very excited that this new center will bring much joy to our people.


位于休斯敦國際區百利大道和柯武街交叉口之艾力夫社區中心已正式破土, 斥資六千萬美元興建之多功能社區中心,將爲國際區帶來更多彩多姿之文藝社區活動。

早在六年之前,過多任市議員及社區領袖之極力爭取,終于在年前通過了市政府之2020 年度預算。



我們正在籌備一座時代走廊,將把近五十年來從世界各地來到美利堅共和國,視此如家的奮鬥故事, 銘刻在紀念碑上 ,以記念他們對國家之貢獻。