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美國新冠疫情日記06/13 Nation Is In Chaos

美國新冠疫情日記06/13  Nation Is In Chaos

Nation Is In Chaos

After the Seattle Police Department vacated the East Precinct last Monday night, the protesters against the killing of George Floyd established a zone known as CHAZ Capital Hill Autonomous Zone and changed the name from Seattle Police Department to Seattle People Department. A federal judge in Seattle has ordered local police to stop using teargas, pepper spray and other strong force against the nonviolent protesters.

Black Lives Matter protesters negotiated with local officers Friday over their terms for leaving the six block area that they have controlled for most of the week. They are demanding that the police department budget be cut in half to help the local black community.

In Washington, President Trump has threatened to intervene by using military force, but Seattle Mayor Jenny Durban said that action would be unlawful and illegal.

It is so sad what is happening in Seattle. The people need to express their views by taking over the city streets. In this time of national tragedy, we are witnessing demonstrations all over the country with the coronavirus still not under control. Not only the black community is suffering, but all of us are also fighting for survival.

In Washington we really need to have strong leadership from the Congress and government to come to a solution for our country. Both Republicans and Democrats are thinking about the November election and how to get the votes to win. They ignore the basic issue facing our nation. When Congress drafts a police reform bill, we need to do it in a bipartisan way. We need to consider the rising crime rate in the nation. Cutting the police budget is not the solution at all.

As the most powerful nation in the world, we can’t isolate from the rest of the world.



不過今天上午示威者正在和市府談判,要從佔領區撤退, 條件是把市府治安預算砍半來幫忙非裔社區,這是多麽令人難置信之亂象。

我們對于示威者在美麗的西雅圖劃地爲營的做法表示反對, 由于佛羅伊德被虐死事件在全國甚至全球掀起之抗議熱潮,仍然在燃燒之中,加上新冠疫情無法有效控制,全國正處在政治不穩,經済衰退之困境中。

川普總統今天到西點軍校向一千名畢業生發表演說,他也表示下週末舉辦共和黨群衆大會,民主黨挑戰者拜登諷刺川可能會在敗選後不願搬出白宮, 到時只有請軍隊來執行任務, 兩位總統候選人主導國家之領導者,似乎已經撕破臉了。

最近國內外政局及經濟之發展,真的令人萬分擔憂,官方醫療官員不斷警告病毒可能會再次來襲, 但白宮官員卻說,經濟即將強力複甦, 但是如果我們的社會仍然動蕩不安,何來經濟之重啓?!