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Bill Gates’s Worry And Hope

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said yesterday that the current coronavirus picture is both globally and in the U.S. bleaker than he would have ever expected.

He said the fact that people are still dying in the U.S. today shows that the country is not even doing close to enough to fight the pandemic. The U.S. hasn’t had the leadership messages or coordination that we would expect to fight the virus.

About two months ago when Gates talked about the pandemic, the virus death toll in America stood at 63,000 with more than one million cases recorded. Today, this figure has doubled. There are now 2.4 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in U.S. and more than 122,000 people have died.

Gates attributed the rise in numbers to a lack of testing and contact tracing as well as lack of mask wearing.

Gates dismissed the White House’s claim that an increase in case numbers is a direct result of increase in testing calling it, “completely false.”

He also expressed disappointment with what he called a lack of leadership to tackle this virus globally which has lead to countries such as India and Brazil bearing the brunt of this disease.

But he still hopes that the U.S. will step up and help get the tools out, particularly the vaccine, to everyone in the world.

We continually are seeing a sad picture from the senior nursing homes all over the country. Many of them resemble “staying in jail” centers. They house and care for our parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters. We sincerely urge the federal and local governments to organize a national emergency task force, including medical security personnel, to go to the many areas that need help.

Sadly these days, the politicians just care about their votes and just don’t care about the people who are still suffering .

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has already donated $100 million dollars to help the research for a vaccine. His commitment and vision truly represents our American spirit.


微軟創辦人比爾蓋茨昨天在一次電視座談會上非常憂心的表示, 新冠病毒對全世界及美國之肆虐比他想像中要嚴重,今天美國繼續不斷有不幸病逝的人,他認爲美國對于抗拒病毒的努力遠遠不夠,他認爲許多國家在許多醫療科硏做得比我們好 ,原因在于我們缺乏領導和協調之能力。

八週前當蓋茨出現在同一個電視會場時,全美新冠病毒死亡人數是六萬叁千人,共有一百萬人確診,但是到目前爲止,全國確診人數加倍到二百四十萬人, 死亡也到了十二萬二千人,他認爲主要原因是大家不戴口罩,缺乏社交距離及測試也不夠, 許多人都漠視疫情之嚴重性。




今天我們目睹許多住在老人養療院的年長者,他們每天生活在疫情之恐襲中,有如等待末日之到來, 他們是我們的同胞、父母或祖父母,這場病毒把他們和親友隔離開來,這真是人間悲劇。

我們呼籲美國政府不論是中央和地方要立即動員所有力量組成一個政 府及民間之行動委員會,全力加大疫苗之硏發,組織疫情救災隊, 在首都設立指揮中心,凡是全國重災區立即給予醫療、治安、生活上之支援,以救火隊之速度隨時待命,我們有無數醫療專業人士都會加入支援。

遺憾的是我們今天面臨太多的政治 政客們爲了選票,可以把人民生死問題置于身外,一手遮天粉飾太平, 以致于把這個世界最富強的國家,造成如此民生疾苦不堪,失去領導世界之地位。

比爾蓋茨是我們這一代最聰明富有充滿智慧的領軍人物,他的忠言逆耳, 希望喚醒政府及民間有識之士,來拯救我們國家,更是整個地球之前途,我們大家點贊共同來支持他吧。