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This Is Not The Students’ Or Kids’ Fault

More than 58 million kids need to go back to school in less than one month. Whether they go back to the classroom or stay at home and study online with visual learning is under debate.

President Trump said on Wednesday that he wants all schools open for the Fall semester, and if not, the federal government may cut off all funding, including funds for international students.

Harvard and MIT universities have already sued the U.S. government seeking to have the U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement policy reversed and declared unlawful.

The coronavirus pandemic is still attacking us. Up until now, we already have three million confirmed cases reported in the U.S. Sadly, this disaster was created by nature and incompetence on the part of politicians all over has also made millions of kids victims of this disaster.

Most all of the school districts are now facing financial difficulties simply because they don’t have enough funds to prepare and make larger rooms for the increase in student numbers and most teachers are at an older age now. If we want the students to attend school without proper procedures and measures in place, then the consequences will be unpredictable.

Today we saw a ten-year old kid standing in front of the Emery University Hospital hallway playing music to comfort all the medical personnel. We are so moved to see that we have such a kind and smart kid to send his warm message out to our society.

Today we are in a very critical and unsteady period of time, but we can still see that our next generation has such deep compassion and benevolence for this suffering group.

America is still a great country. We shall overcome together.




學校是否要到校上課,絕對要取決于我們的疫情是否在控制中,答案是否定的,目前全國各中小學普遍面臨的問題是經費短缺、教室擁擠 、老師年紀偏高,這些困難正是面對病毒之缺點,如果處理不當,後果不堪設想。