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Is America Still Beautiful?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced yesterday that additional federal resources are headed to Houston, Texas, to combat the coronavirus. The resources include an Urban Area Medical Task Force and a Disaster Medical Assistance Team. According to Abbott, the Urban Area Medical Team from the Department of Defense will arrive in Houston on Monday, October 13. The 85-soldier task force unit is composed of medical professionals from the Army Reserve.

Within the last few weeks, Houston has become a hot spot for the coronavirus. The Health Department reported 412 new cases on Friday, bringing the city’s total to 26,012

confirmed cases.

Mayor Turner said we are heading in the wrong direction. The city needs to bring the cases down to under 300 per day. He said COVID-19 in Houston and in the State is out of control. What we do today and in the next few weeks will be critical to getting back to a manageable state.

The whole nation is facing the coronavirus pandemic because we let businesses open too soon. People didn’t wear the masks or practice social distancing.   Most young people didn’t take it seriously.

Regrettably today, the world is in chaos. Leaders of the nation have tried to blame the problem on each other without paying attention to the virus.

We are urging all our brothers and sisters to please take care of yourselves and use the CDC guidelines to wear the mask and keep the social distance, wash your hands and protect your family --especially the elders and the children.

We love America as our home. We believe that we need to keep united as a nation to change the country.

America will still be beautiful.



過去兩週來休斯敦已經成爲全美之重災區週五單日就有412個確診者五人死亡, 全市共有26012人碓診市長特納警告我們正在往反方向而行我們一定要把碓診人數控制在每天叁百人以下德州之新冠疫情事實上已經失控。


遺憾的是當前世界可說是群龍無首中美兩國共同難題矛盾加深印度邊境紛爭未息南海軍事沖突可能一觸即發美國退出世衛組織大國政要每天在相互指責對疫情之泛濫漠不關心這是從二次世界大戰以來 國際秩序最混亂的時刻。

我們強力呼籲大家要非常嚴謹的做好個人之防護工作包括勤洗手戴口罩社交距離, 更請照顧好老弱婦孺值此非常時期健康是大家最重要的資産。