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This Is The Time To Be United

We are the country that is suffering more than twenty-five percent of the world’s coronavirus confirmed cases. It is very ironic when we are the strongest medical nation in the world.

There are many reasons, including cultural differences from east and west. We all want freedom and liberty and don’t want to listen to authority especially when the federal and local governments don’t work together. In the last two months, Texas and Florida opened back up too soon. Then people flocked to restaurants, bars and beaches without wearing masks. For sure, the virus will spread again.


We feel very regretful and sorry for those people who have had to give up their businesses. Many of them have also lost their loved ones.

A lot of people in our community are new immigrants who have just been naturalized as citizens. Together we all need to go to vote and fill out the 2020 census because this is very important for the national distribution of resources.

We are witnessing that the politicians are using the many issues today to gain their own political ambitions. This is the time we need to be united and act.