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Let Us Unite Our Immigrants’ International Community

After WWII, millions of people came to America through legal and illegal means to seek liberty and opportunity in this great land.

From coast to coast in New York, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Houston and Dallas, many immigrants created many communities like new Chinatown, Vietnamese Town, Thai Town, Russian Town, all these towns representing international cultures and all part of a very important economic engine in local economies.

The majority of the new generation had higher education and became professionals in many fields, but their roots were still very strongly tied to their own culture.

Today we feel very strongly because of the current racial issues. A lot of politicians are against immigrants. They want to change policies to block immigrants from coming to this country while they refuse the quota of immigrants. All of these moves really harm our community.

My friend and founder of CHI, Farouk Shami, when he ran for Governor of Texas, he said this to his audience, “Our society without Mexicans and Latinos is like the sky without sunshine.”

This really represents how important it is that those immigrants who work at labor jobs truly do help this country grow.

Dear brothers and sisters, this is the time for all of us to unite to fight for our own future because this is our home.