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Food Drive In The International District

Mayor Turner came to the International District last weekend to join the food drive at the Boone Road Church. More than one hundred church volunteers and community leaders helped to give away thousands of bags of food to needy families.

In the long lines many of our local residents lined up in hundred-degree heat waiting for food packages.  Some of them were single moms with small kids. Some of them had lost jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic.

When Mayor Turner walked into the crowd, people called him “Governor Turner” when they saw him coming. At first I didn’t understand. Finally it was clear that these people wanted him to run for Governor in the future. Mayor Turner is a Harvard graduate and his leadership will lead him to a bright future.

For over fifteen years, with the leadership of State Representative Hubert Vo and many community leaders and with the support from the Mayor, the International District has changed the southwestern part of the city and has become a model for the city’s economy.

In this Pandemic we have given away hundreds of computers, food packages and plan to help the apartment complexes and shopping centers to sanitize the environment.

Many years ago we came to this great land to seek opportunity. Most of us have reached our America Dream. Today when we can extend our help to the local community, it is not just an honor, it is our responsibility.

After I handed out thousands of masks to our brothers and sisters in such hot summer weather, I still feel very happy. We are all really blessed. America is beautiful.


上週六市長特納一行專程來到休斯敦國際區彭爾路的非裔教堂參加了一項大的食物發送大會我也參加並發放了二千多口罩在這炎炎夏日汗流浃背的天氣, 人深切的體會到貧窮的滋味。

教會廣場當天來了許多運送食物,包括蔬菜、水果、飲水、牛奶, 汽車長龍從中午就在排隊車中多半是老弱婦孺及單親媽媽帶上孩童他們多半是因新冠疫情失業家庭更有許多嬰兒嚴重缺乏營養及尿布。

我們和市長走進教會大堂群衆高喊特納州長來了, 我當時還未能理解原來大家都已准備他市長卸任後可能角逐州長我們和市民交往多年, 這位哈佛畢業的非裔市長, 確實有高度之親和力此次疫情他的表現可圈可點。

國際區近十五年來在大家共同努力下基本上已經脫胎換骨過去一片農田耕地的百利大道如今大小商家到處林立, 然而居住人口仍然生活在貧困線下。