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美國新冠疫情日記 07/24

美國新冠疫情日記 07/24


Today I presided over the July board meeting of the International Management District. We also welcomed three new board members including Asian, white and Latino - all of us really representing the diversity in our community.

The Houston city council also passed a resolution to reappoint the full board until July 2023 for another three years. Mayor Turner also really appreciates our service to the District.

Since the cornoavirus has attacked our community and because our district has sixty-one apartment complexes and more than thirty shopping centers, we are one of the real disasters in the city of Houston. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, we have spent almost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to buy food, computers and masks to help needy families.

In today’s meeting we also discussed sanitizing all the apartment complexes and shopping centers and the setting up of Emergency poles in our district. In the meantime, we also donated a new car to the local police station for their patrols.

I felt kind of sad today because the pandemic is still very serious around the nation. The confirmed number of cases is now over four million and more than 140,000 people have lost their lives. A lot of small businesses are facing the loss of their business. Some of them already have closed their doors.

As chairman of International District along with my board members, we are all trying our best to help the community. We all team up as brothers and sisters to overcome our challenges no matter where we came from. We are in the same family. This is really the AMERICAN Spirit.


今午我主持了休斯敦國際區本年度七月份執行委員會並歡迎三位新仼委員其中包括一位巴基斯坦裔一位白人及一位拉丁裔在总共十三位委員中 我們可以說真正代表了美國多元族裔的委員會。


在今天的會議上並且通過提案將在國際區各大商场及公寓設置緊急呼叫中心並將幫助區內之商業中心進行全面消毒共同防禦病毒之擴散, 並且為西南區警察分局購置一輛新轎車供便衣警員使用。

今天在我主持之視訊會議上心情覺得特別沉重當前國家處於內憂外患今天最新資料全國確診者已超過四百萬人死亡也達十五萬, 经济不斷下滑國際區內許多微企業也不断關門在國外中美兩個大國正在走向不㱕路。

今天我做为國際區區長, 過去若干年來 我們秉持各族裔都能和諧相處親如手足, 從末有任何歧視不公大家犧牲奉獻這才代表真正的美國精神。